About Faithfully Magazine

Our Mission

Faithfully Magazine is a fresh, bold and exciting news and lifestyle publication that covers issues, conversations and events impacting Christian communities of color. We celebrate and inform Christian communities via faithfullymagazine.com, Faithfully Podcast, our print and digital quarterly magazine and via our weekly newsletter.

The Team

Faithfully Magazine works with a diverse team of volunteer staff writers, contributors and columnists to ensure that our mission to center Christian communities of color is reflected not only in our content but also on our masthead. Learn about Faithfully Magazine’s editorial team and advisors on the Staff page.

Our Ethos

Faithfully Magazine reports from an ethnically-diverse and ecumenical perspective in an effort to foster genuine Christian community among our readers. While we interview and profile a variety of individuals and report on diverse subjects spanning the spectrum of Christianity (and occasionally other faiths), we do not necessarily share the views of these individuals, organizations, churches, ministries or the viewpoints of those who write for the publication. Learn more on the Submissions page.

Our Readers

Our readership is composed of Black, White, Hispanic and Asian Christians. Most of our readers are in their mid-20s to mid-40s, politically active and regularly attend church. Learn more on our Media Kit page.

The Response

A wide variety of people have shown interest in and support for Faithfully Magazine and it’s mission to be another channel to reflect the diversity of thought and experiences of Christians of color. Here is what readers have said about Faithfully Magazine’s first print issue:

“… a new, sweet magazine for these troubled times…”

“What I found incredibly refreshing, was the breadth of viewpoints it encompassed–politically, socially, culturally, denominationally… It is so rare to find a source that is willing to provide a voice to views that don’t even necessarily even align with their own.”

“… intellectually stimulating, and had writing featured from fresh, new voices”

Our Founder

Nicola A. Menzie is the founder and publisher of Faithfully Magazine. Nicola is a religion reporter in New York City whose bylines have appeared on the websites of the Religion News Service, The Christian Post, CBS News, and Vibe.com. She also hosts the publication’s Faithfully Podcast.

Read Nicola’s interview about Faithfully Magazine’s mission with Religion Dispatches and listen to her comments on the publication in this episode of the “Truth’s Table” podcast. You can find her on Twitter: @namenzie and read more about her here.

Faithfully Magazine’s premiere issue was successfully funded Jan. 31, 2017, via a Kickstarter campaign thanks to 100 people, including the following Backers:

Rich Walker Jr., Grace Cho, Tamario Bryant, Marcus T. Coleman Jr, Angela Dean, Beka Mullins, Julie Blauwkamp, Donovan Potter, Brad Sargent, Bonnie McKernan, Andrew Denton, The Junia Project, Richard Clark, Amber Haines, Morgan Lee, Jevon Bolden, Ashley Hart, Christi Gandham, Andrew Vanderput, Katie Beth Tison, Shu-Fy H. Pongnon, Sean Palmer, Veronica Wilson, Joy Wickholm Bennett, Katsunao Ishii, Bill Kinnon, Greg Jao.

Faithfully Media, LLC is grateful to all 100 Kickstarter backers.

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