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Global Worship: You Are What You Worship With

Have you ever considered that "you are what you worship with?" In other words, what Christians use to worship God with demonstrates something about their own identity. If God's kingdom is inherently global, our worship should be as…

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

President Trump claims he has led the charge to bring "Merry Christmas" front and center in the public sphere. But, which Christmas is he and his supporters trying to save?

Standing With Keaton in the Worst-Case Scenario

People were quickly met with the hashtag #StandWithKeaton and a viral video of a tear-filled boy when they logged onto social media. Yet, the social media world that outpoured love and support quickly turned as reports that his mother was a…

‘Church Too,’ Scapegoats and Cleaning House

The recent #ChurchToo hashtag is a clear sign that the church has failed to protect those who have been sexually abused within its walls. Too often, victims of abuse become scapegoats so that the reputation of the church and its leaders…

America’s New God

The time has come for Americans to acknowledge that many of us have fallen into idolatry and worship at the altar of Nationalism.