Thursday, March 23, 2017


abortion clinic

The bright pink signs popped up around the city last spring, advertising a new clinic offering abortion and birth control. "Doors open in Atlanta," the billboards proclaimed. "Because you matter."
health care

The House Budget Committee voted narrowly to advance the troubled Republican health care bill, with a vote of 19-17 and Democrats unanimously voting no.
obesity weight

Imagine being obese and trying to lose weight, only to find out that almost half your body weight is a cancerous ovarian tumor.

The American Health Care Act, Republicans' replacement for the Obama's Affordable Care Act under Trump, will likely impact poorer Americans.

I don't really get juicing. Don't get me wrong, I've slurped down some delicious veggie and ginger concoctions and done my fair share of shots of lemon and turmeric.

“The Dr. Oz Show” has teamed up with Hollywood producer and author DeVon Franklin, and a few of his friends, for special “Faithful Fridays” segments.