#FMFieldNotes: Introducing ‘Field Notes on Racial Reconciliation’ Series

Faithfully Magazine’s Lanie Anderson shares her experiences as a White woman regarding how the Christian faith informs racial reconciliation.

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Lanie Anderson Faithfully MagazineEditor’s note: If you’ve ever visited our Staff page, you’ll know that Lanie is pursuing a Master’s in Christian apologetics at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She also writes and edits for Be the Bridge, a nonprofit that provides resources for Christians pursuing racial unity in their churches and communities.

This series was first published exclusively via the Faithfully Magazine newsletter. Each of the six parts, in addition to the introduction, were made available on faithfullymagazine.com and appear as they did in the newsletter, unless specifically noted.

This a six-part series titled “Field Notes on Racial Reconciliation” was written by Faithfully Magazine’s Lanie Anderson.

Anderson seeks to share with readers her experiences as a White woman regarding how the Christian faith informs racial reconciliation. This is by no means an exhaustive list of steps to take in this work. Lanie simply shares a personal reflection that she hopes will encourage and equip readers.

Faithfully Magazine will present each of these parts individually over a period of six weeks first via this weekly newsletter and then eventually on faithfullymagazine.com.

If you know anyone who would be especially interested in these reflections, forward them this email and encourage them to subscribe.

Finally, we invite you to reply with your own thoughts and comments about racial reconciliation, or about anything Lanie’s reflections may bring to mind as we go through this series. Whether it’s a book, sermon or experience, we want to hear about it. Keep in mind, we will likely share such responses with the Faithfully Magazine community.

Field Notes on Racial Reconciliation:

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