State of the Union Address: 5 Questions for Trump on Gender, Race, and Immigration

President Donald Trump was expected to touch on several vital issues during his first State of the Union address before Congress Tuesday night. What should Americans expect to hear—and will Trump meet those expectations?

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Editor’s notes: This article has been updated.

President Donald Trump was expected to touch on several vital issues during his first State of the Union address before Congress Tuesday night.

It’s predicted that the president is likely to release a complete immigration policy framework, speak on the economic growth of the nation, and provide details for a large-scale infrastructure plan. Yet, other important topics are not off the table, as the president has previously made unscripted statements and remarks in the past.

Faithfully Magazine anticipated questions on five topics the president might address in tonight’s State of the Union.

The state of gender equality in our nation

In the past year, #MeToo has become a widespread phenomenon that has changed the way sexual abuse and harassment are discussed in Hollywood, social media, and the nation as a whole. Likewise, the second Women’s March rallied women to respond politically to policies in place that are harmful to women. How does the president see the state of women in our nation for the year ahead?

The state of racial division in our nation

The past year has seen public displays of White nationalism and supremacy, debates over Confederate statues, and a continued stream of police brutality cases against people of color. Increased racial tensions have caused severe divisions in the nation, and racialized remarks by influential figures have only galvanized the animosity within our nation. Does President Trump recognize the state of division and does he plan to address it?

The effect of “America first” policies

The year 2017 brought the emergence of the president’s “America first” economic and immigration policies that has impacted individuals, families, and communities across the nation, including “Dreamers.” How does the current administration see how these new policies have gone, especially for people of color?

The future of health care

The Affordable Care Act enacted under President Obama has impacted many of the impoverished demographics of our nation and provided needed medical care to many who previously could not afford it. Under President Trump’s tenure, the future of the Affordable Care Act is questionable. What are the White House’s plans for the future of health care in America for those most in need of it?

The state of world diplomacy

We’ve seen inflammatory marks exchanged between the president and Kim Jung-Un of North Korea. We’ve also heard reports of derogatory and racist words employed by the president to describe Haiti and African countries. How does the president hope to defend the nation and engage in constructive global diplomacy?

The important question to ask is not only what is talked about, but also what isn’t talked about in President Trump’s State of the Union address. Priorities and preferences will come to light as the president offers what he believes are the most pressing issues of the nation and the current state of affairs that are important for Americans to know.

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