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Do you have a book, album, event, digital service, app, clothing line, ministry or more that you’re passionate about getting before an audience?

Faithfully Magazine offers many options for potential ad partners seeking to connect with a savvy, diverse and active Christian community.

You can review our 2017 Media Kit for details on how to get started working with us on promoting your product, service or event.

If you’ve got a standard ad on-hand and are ready to take the next step, use the shopping cart to immediately begin the process of getting your ad placed. Once an order is placed via the shopping cart on this page, a Faithfully Media LLC representative will contact you to continue the transaction.

Faithfully Magazine is published four times a year. Ad spots are currently available for issues No. 2, 3 and 4 (the window to get into issue No. 2 is rapidly approaching). In some cases, Faithfully Media LLC can assist you with creation of your ad. Email us for details at: contact @

Faithfully Magazine ( is a fresh, bold and exciting news and lifestyle publication centering on Christian communities of color. Our quarterly print/digital magazine and website publishes exclusive Q&As, inspiring features and timely op-eds reflecting some of the most influential voices in U.S. Christianity.

How to Connect With Our Readers: Connect with readers in our quarterly print/digital magazine. Submit a traditional ad or request an advertorial (informative or insightful creative content that impacts and informs).

Options Available via Faithfully Media LLC’s store include full page, spread, half page and 1/3 page ads, as listed below.

Print/Digital Magazine

Size Price
Full-page ad $300
Spread (double full-page ad) $600
Half-page ad $150
1/3-page ad (vertical) $100


Mechanical requirements:

  • Files must be sent in zip format or via download link(s) to Dropbox/Google Drive/Etc.
  • Files must be high resolution at 300 dpi, in CMYK color format and print-ready with fonts embedded.
  • Files must be JPG.
  • Magazine’s final/trim size: 8.25 x 10.75 (with bleed: 8.5 x 11)
  • Full page with bleed: 8.5 x 11; without bleed: 8.25 x 10.75
  • 1/2 page (horizontal; no bleed): 7.25 x 4.825
  • 1/3 page (vertical; no bleed): 2.245 x 9
  • 2-page spread: 17 x 11 (bleed only)

Ads that fail to meet the required guidelines will be rejected for correction and re-submission. If clients fail to meet the deadline a refund will be issued.

Disclaimer: While Faithfully Magazine’s mission is to amplify the conversations, issues and events impacting communities of color, we remain an ethnically and culturally inclusive publication. Editorially, we embrace nuanced perspectives on a variety of issues. We do not, however, publish content or advertisements that explicitly promote ethics or activities that we as an organization believe conflict with a traditional, or orthodox Christian worldview.


We reserve the right to reject potential partnerships that conflict with our ethical guidelines.

To view other advertising options, including for, see our Media Kit.


*(Demo statistics are based on a combination of Google Analytics, Quantcast and reader survey responses)

Last updated: July 16, 2017