Thursday, March 23, 2017

Faithfully Podcast

Chetachi Ecton.

Chetachi Ecton is a single mom and domestic abuse survivor who founded the When In Need (WIN) Foundation, a New York/Philadelphia-based nonprofit.
Kathy Khang

In this episode of Faithfully Podcast, Kathy Khang discusses racial reconciliation and shares her experiences as a Korean-American woman in ministry.
kristi watts

In this episode of Faithfully Podcast, host Nicola Menzie speaks with Kristi Watts, most known for co-hosting “The 700 Club” with Pat Robertson on his CBN.
Dalia Mogahed Faithfully Podcast

“Islamophobia is prejudice towards or discrimination against Muslims due to their religion, or perceived religious, national, or ethnic identity associated with Islam.
black lives matter

In this episode of Faithfully Podcast, host Nicola Menzie reports on a Black Lives Matter panel discussion featuring an activist and two ministers.

Rapzilla’s Chad Horton and music writer Justin Sarachik join Faithfully Podcast hosts in conversation about Christianity, race and hip-hop.
cotton field

Christian rapper Lecrae Moore sparked a discussion among Evangelicals when he tweeted a photo of blacks picking cotton in a field on July 4, 2016.