We’re Accepting Submissions for Faithfully Magazine No. 3

Submit Your Stories, Photos, Poetry, Commentary and More for Publication

Faithfully Magazine is accepting submissions for its next issue. Send us your stories that inspire hope, joy and celebration.

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This post is specifically an call for submissions to Faithfully Magazine No. 3, to be published late November for a December rollout. The deadline for initial drafts is Oct. 14, 2017.

What We’re Looking For

The theme for Faithfully Magazine No. 3 is “hope/joy/celebration.” This is our holiday issue. However, we want to avoid the usual holiday fare presented at this time of the year, so we are focusing on features, Q&As, commentaries and reviews that inspire hope, joy and a celebratory mood.

For example, we are looking for stories with hopeful angles coming out of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and other stories about overcoming adversity.

Faith, of course, has to feature in the stories as well.

We are also looking for content that falls into the following categories that reflect issue No. 3’s theme:

  • Profiles on interesting people, places, ideas/trends, events, experiences, etc. 
  • Reviews of books, musics, movies, etc.
  • Insightful Q&As with notable figures
  • Commentaries/analyses on social, cultural, political or church/theological issues
  • Wellness articles about health news/studies, fitness, relationships, etc.
  • Articles on historical topics tied to Christianity or short profiles on historical Christian figures
  • First-person faith accounts (in some cases, these must be verifiable through others and/or documentation)

We also welcome photo essays/news photos, poetry and illustrations.

In general, we only consider original content. However, we occasionally accept previously published commentaries.

Remember, the majority of our content centers on Christian communities of color.

Review our Submissions page outlining what we do not publish, our guidelines and the fact that we are currently unable to pay for submitted work.

We prefer to review pitches instead of completed stories. Send your pitches (or tips) to contact @ faithfullymagazine.com. If you have a complete story, put it in a Google document and share it with faithfullymagazine @ gmail.com and include Comment access.

By submitting content to Faithfully Magazine, you agree to the Content Submission Terms.

Support Faithfully Magazine’s mission to amplify conversations impacting Christian communities of color by making a secure financial contribution via PayPal:

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