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Dallas Pastor Gets 35 Years for Stealing Churches in Deed Fraud Scheme

Dallas pastor Whitney Foster received a 35-year prison sentence after a jury convicted him of stealing three churches in a deed fraud scheme.

Church Leader Indicted of Sex Assault Gets Probation, Will Continue Work as Pastor

Bobby Cornealius Smith, pastor of New Beginings Ministries, received probation after a plea deal related to multiple sex assault charges.

‘Queering the Black Church’ Author Says Spirit of God Told Him to Come Out to Church

The Rev. Brandon Thomas Crowley says God encouraged him to come out as gay to the congregation he was leading as pastor.

Why Black Gospel Music Is on the Decline in African American Churches

The rise of megachurches, contemporary Gospel and modernized worship could mean singing hymns could soon disappear.

Jude 3 Project Founder Lisa Fields Recovering After Major Surgery

Jude 3 Project founder Lisa V. Fields successfully underwent a myomectomy on May 16 and is currently recovering from the surgical procedure.

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Unholy Hush: on Keion Henderson, Public Lament, and Misogyny in the Church

Public reaction to pastor Keion Henderson "hushing" a woman worshipper during a Sunday service shows misogyny is still rampant in the church.

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