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Your Purpose Is Not a Destination. It’s This.

Do you know your purpose — what on earth you were put here to do? If not, are you moving in the direction of discovering your purpose? Living a purpose-filled life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s actually quite simple. Nicole O. Salmon explains that to envision and start living your purpose, you need to make one key mindset shift.

Popular Bible Teacher Beth Moore Speaks Against Misogyny in Evangelicalism

Beth Moore is a prominent American evangelist and author who has spent decades studying and preaching from the Bible.

But as a female leader who has worked within conservative evangelical circles for most of her life, she’s faced misogyny from men in ministry ― whether it’s being ignored or made fun of during team meetings, or being criticized by men who flat-out refused to value Bible lessons taught by a woman.

It’s a reality that the evangelist has largely kept silent about ― until now.

On Thursday, Moore posted a blog to her website that revealed some of the sexist attitudes she’s had to endure in more than 20 years of ministry.

Moore says a respected male theologian looked her up and down during their first meeting, smiled “approvingly” and commented that she was “better looking” than another female Bible teacher he knew. She said she learned early to show “constant pronounced deference” to male leaders and when called upon to lead alongside them to “do so apologetically.” Moore said she’s been talked down to by male seminary students who were years younger than her.

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