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Black Christian Magazines, Websites and Blogs

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A lot of people find their way to Faithfully Magazine by typing the phrase “Black Christian magazines” into a Google search box, according to our analytics. So we thought we would help save seekers some time by putting together a list of some of the top destinations for believers of color looking for Black Christian magazines.

Faithfully Magazine is on the list, although the publication is not specifically a “Black Christian magazine,” as we seek to serve all Christians who value the perspectives, contributions and concerns of communities of color—as it states on our About Faithfully Magazine page. Our mission embraces Christians of all ethnicities, but specifically Christians of color.

You’ll find some options to purchase or subscribe to Faithfully Magazine at the end of the list, if you’d like to learn more about what we cover (the quarterly print issue has exclusive content you won’t find on our website).

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What we have found, based on search analytics, is that apparently, Black Christians scouring the Internet for magazines (and websites and blogs) that speak to their cultural and ethnic experiences are directed to Faithfully Magazine as a top result, along with a few other notable websites and publications.

Using our own tools, search engine results (Google, Bing and Yahoo), social media and a few other resources, we’ve compiled this list of Black Christian magazines, websites and blogs that readers may find of interest.

The list is in no specific order and most certainly is not exhaustive.

The guiding criteria, of course, is that the listed sources present content that generally reflects the perspectives, experiences, and impact of Black Christians and Christians of color, although some publications listed do not describe themselves that way at all. Also, some search results include one or two magazines published by denominations. We have omitted those results from the list because, most likely, Christians who belong to specific denominations are already aware of their publications.

In addition to the search phrase “Black Christian magazines,” we’ve seen similar phrases such as “urban faith magazine,” “Black gospel magazine,” “Black Christian websites,” and “Black Christian blogs” used in search results. Our list offers a little bit of something for anyone using those search terms.

If you happen also to be interested in “traditional” print magazines, you can find some popular ones listed here.

Top Black Christian Magazines, Websites, and Blogs

  • EEW Magazine: Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine describes itself as the leading lifestyle publication for Black Christian women.
  • Urban Faith: Urban Faith states that it interacts on a variety of topics related to contemporary Christian life from an urban, African American, and multiethnic perspective.
  • Religion News Service: This wire service/website’s journalist Adelle Banks covers the Black Church.
  • Black Christian News Network (BCNN1): says it is dedicated to reporting breaking news from a Black Christian perspective for the glory of God.
  • Sojourners: The mission of Sojourners, according to its website, is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, to inspire hope, and to build a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church and the world.
  • The Front Porch: The Front Porch aims to be a place for conversations on biblical faithfulness in African-American churches and beyond.
  • The Praying Woman: is a lifestyle blog designed for women from all walks of life. The site states that it offers tips and ideas to help strengthen your relationship with God.
  • Rhetoric, Race & Religion: This blog examines the intersection of rhetoric, race, and religion in society, according to its about statement. “We believe that these subjects are intricately woven within our society and produce a tapestry of discourse that leads people to respond and perform certain symbolic actions that are already deeply embedded in our culture.”
  • Black Perspectives (not a “Christian” website): Black Perspectives claims it is the leading online platform for public scholarship on global black thought, history, and culture.
  • The Witness (read our interview with its president here): The Witness is a black Christian collective that engages issues of religion, race, justice, and culture from a biblical perspective.
  • Unfit Christian: This website presents itself as the “voice of millennial faith” and of Black progressive faith.
  • After the Altar Call: This site’s founder is blogging the cross-section of faith, relationships, and pop culture.
  • The Old Black Church: The blog states that the Black Church has historically been a source of hope and strength for the African American community.
  • Today’s Purpose Woman: The publication states: We Live, Empower and Celebrate Living A Higher Purpose- God’s Purpose.

As mentioned at the start, this list is not in any way exhaustive. The Black Christian Magazines, Websites, and Blogs list attempts to pull together related resources for those scouring the web for Christian-inspired content that meets their needs and interests.

Finally, here are some options for purchasing Faithfully Magazine:

If you have any publications that you think should be included on the list, mention it in the comments section.

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