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Can I? (A Poem)

Can I stand for women’s rights and unborn women’s too?
Say that “Black Lives Matter” and should matter in the womb?

Can I stand with LGBTQ folks against hate
But hold different views on sex? Does tolerance go both ways?

Can I be a patriot who loves his countrymen
And has love for immigrants? Recall “we” once were “them.”

Can I fight my President on every evil plan
Yet rebuke all comments that dehumanize the man?

Can I reason soundly: God created all we see,
Then put faith in science to explain it truthfully?

Can I work for human rights, for progress deep and vast,
Knowing that, apart from Christ, solutions never last?

Maybe at one question, or a few of these, you balk.
Friend, I love you. Come sit down. I’ll listen and you talk.

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Michael Stalcup
Michael Stalcup
Michael Stalcup is a Thai-American poet living in Bangkok, Thailand. His poetry is featured (or forthcoming) in several magazines, including Commonweal Magazine, First Things, and Inheritance Magazine. You can read more of his poetry at


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