Free Christian Movies: How and Where to Watch Free Christian Movies Online

Watch Christian Movies on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and Other Digital Streaming Platforms

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If you are looking for a good way to build your spiritual life and entertain yourself while doing it, watching Christian movies is a great option. Christian movies have evolved and have been changing lives. Some popular movies, like “God’s Not Dead,” “Breakthrough,” “War Room,” “Overcomer,” “The Case for Christ,” “The Shack,” and “Heaven Is for Real,” among many others, are being watched worldwide and have been winning souls for Christ.

What’s a Sunday afternoon without a good Christian movie to watch as a family? Christian movies can help you bond with your family and learn about Christ while getting entertained. In light of this, you might have the question, “How and where do I watch free Christian movies?”

For the “how,” it is relatively easy. All you have to do is select one of the free sites to watch movies that we discuss below, browse through their options, select the movie you want, and voila! You can start watching your Christian movie. You can also download any Christian movie from any of these sites to watch later. Here are some of the places you can watch free Christian movies in the U.S and how to find the best Christian movies to watch.

Nine Places to Watch Christian Movies

Amazon Prime

For Christian movie new releases, Prime Video is your go-to source. Prime Video’s unique quality is easy accessibility anywhere you are, via the app, and on any device. You can also download these movies for free. To watch a Christian movie on Prime Video, create an Amazon account, sign in to Prime Video, and start your free trial. You can watch popular movies like: “I’m in Love with a Church Girl,” “Overcomer,” “Grace Unplugged,” and “Once Upon a Summer,” “Let There Be Light,” “A Heart That Forgives,” “Freedom,” among many other films.

Pure Flix

This service is entirely for Christian movies. Pure Flix aims to edify Christians and help them grow spiritually while feeling good about it. The channel provides good Christian films for free. To watch a Christian movie on Pure Flix, all you have to do is: visit the Pure Flix website, click on “start free trial,” register, and start watching your movies for free. There is hardly any Christian movie you won’t find on Pure Flix.

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Crossflix is a top choice for family movie time. The streaming service has thousands of Christian films, documentaries, and educational content that are family-friendly, inspiring, and free. You can watch movies on this platform at any time of the day. To have access to the programs on Crossflix, you need to select the free plan, sign up, and start enjoying your free movies.


Netflix is a popular movie streaming service, but do you know that you can also find Christian movies on Netflix? With Netflix’s free trial, you can watch as many Christian movies as you want. All you have to do is sign up and search for your favorite Christian movies on Netflix and start watching for free. Some popular movies on Netflix include but are not limited to: “Overcomer,” “God’s Not Dead,” “The Healer,” and “Full Count.”


The best place to watch Christian movies for free is on YouTube. All you have to do is search for the Christian movie title you want to see, and start watching. It is as easy as that.

Tubi TV

If you are looking for some of the best Christian movies in 2021, then you should check out the faith and spirituality category on Tubi TV. This streaming service is completely free (with ads) and offers you a lot, including new releases.

Faithlife TV

On Faithlife TV, you get a 14 days free trial where you can watch any Christian movie of your choice for free. As the name implies, the movies you will find on this channel are about faith and spirituality.

Christian Movie Network

Here, you can watch great movies online at no cost. This channel collects “on-demand online Christian movies” for you to watch for free anytime.

UP Faith and Family:

UP Faith and Family is a family-friendly streaming service where you can watch Christian movies. Kids can also watch their favorite Christian movies on this service.

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Five Popular Christian Movies to Watch 2021:

“Free Burma Rangers”

This movie is a documentary about real-life missionaries David and Karen Eubank. You can watch the movie for free or .99 cents on Prime Video.

“Selfie Dad”

If you enjoy watching comedies, “Selfie Dad” should be a good choice for you. “Selfie Dad” is a hilarious faith-based film that will leave you entertained and inspired. You can watch it on Prime Video or YouTube.

“The Three Wise Men”

This is an animated film about the three wise men and their journey to see the baby Christ. You can watch this animated movie on Prime Video or YouTube.


This Disney movie is based on the real-life story of Zach Sobiech who was battling cancer and had a few months to live. Watch it on Disney-Plus.

“The Last Champion”

“The Last Champion” is an uplifting movie about learning to let go of the past and living in the present and future. Find it on Amazon’s Prime Video.


Christian movies are edifying and inspiring. They’ve been going mainstream since the release of movies like “Fireproof,” “I Can Only Imagine,” “God’s Not Dead,” “Heaven Is for Real,” “War Room,” and many others.

“The faith-based audience is much bigger and much more diverse than Hollywood understands,” preacher-turned-producer DeVon Franklin told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017.

Many people have discovered their faith and found hope through Christian movies. Christian movies can also help families bond. Christian movies also come in different genres ranging from comedy, drama, and romance, depending on what you enjoy watching. To get entertained and inspired, you can check out any of the websites listed above to watch and download your movies for free. Make sure to check out some of our suggestions for faith films you shouldn’t miss in 2021.


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