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Creflo Dollar’s Role in ‘Kemba’ Movie About Unjust Prison Sentence Premiering on BET

Televangelist Creflo Dollar has expanded his reach into film, taking on a role in the movie “Kemba,” a project that sheds light on the inspiring true story of Kemba Smith.

Smith, a college student, became entangled in her boyfriend’s multimillion-dollar crack cocaine ring in the early 1990s. Although a first-time, non-violent offender and victim herself, a judge sentenced Smith to 24.5 years in prison with no possibility of parole. However, after serving six years, her advocates successfully influenced President Bill Clinton to grant her clemency in 2000. Smith, who shared her story in a 2013 memoir, has since become a powerful advocate for criminal justice reform.

Dollar portrays Ted, a minor character who represents the importance of faith and community support during Kemba’s journey. The World Changers Church International pastor has appeared in other film projects, such as “A Christmas Prayer” and “Pastor Brown.”

The main leads in “Kemba” include Nesta Cooper as Kemba Smith, Sean Patrick Thomas as Gus Smith, and Michelle Hurd as Odessa Smith. The film explores Kemba’s journey, fight for freedom, and mission to help others in similar situations. It is currently streaming on BET+ and premieres on the network on May 29.

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