Researcher: 8 in 10 Evangelical Christians Are in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

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660 million evangelicals in the world?

How many evangelical Christians are there in the world? Researcher Sebastian Fath estimates the number at the beginning of 2020 is 660 million.

Evangelicals, according to Fath, represent 26 percent of the 2.5 billion Christians around the world.

Asia has the highest number of evangelical Christians: 215 million. China (66 million), India (28), Indonesia (16), Philippines (13) and South Korea (9) are the countries with the biggest evangelical communities.

Africa comes next, with 185 million evangelicals, with Nigeria (58 million), Kenya (20), Ethiopia (18), DRC Congo (15) and South Africa (15) leading the numbers.

South America has, according the estimates, 123 million evangelicals: 47 million in Brazil, and 5 million in Argentina and 5 in Guatemala.

North America has 107 million evangelical believers: 93 in the US, 10 in Mexico and 4 in Canada.

Europe counts 23 million evangelical Christians, with United Kingdom (5 million), Russia (2), Ukraine (2), Romania (2) and Germany (2) in the first positions.

Finally, Oceania counts 7 million evangelicals (3 in Australia, 2 in Papua New Guinea and 1 in New Zealand).

Sebastien Fath underlines that these figures are approximate — based on 25 documents analysed which address the evolution of evangelical Christianity in the world.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published by Evangelical Focus on Creative Commons.

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