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Faithfully Magazine’s ‘Faith Heroes’ Line Celebrates Christians of Color in US History

The Bible speaks of heroes of the faith, such as Abraham, Moses, and Rahab (Hebrews 11). These are ordinary people whose faith in God gave them courage to step into the unknown, fight for freedom, and seek a better way of life.

U.S. history has its own faith heroes whose faith in God helped them persevere in their pursuits for better things. As a result, they sought improvement not only for themselves, but for their communities and country.

We highlight some of these figures in our “Remember” section, including Mary McLeod Bethune, Harriet Tubman, Richard Twiss, and others. This section exists because we believe their contributions should be celebrated with pride and as a source of encouragement.

Faithfully Magazine’s “Faith Heroes” line celebrates these Christian leaders with educational and inspirational products. Among the items we’re producing are bookmarks, mugs, t-shirts, and eventually a book of short biographies on these figures.

The first items we have released are Faith Hero bookmarks, including Mary McLeod Bethune, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and Fannie Lou Hamer. These attractive bookmarks feature a key quote from each hero on the front and their brief biography on the back. The glossy bookmarks are practical—educational and inspirational.

As always, your purchase helps us to stay on mission—which is to amplify conversations, issues, and events impacting Christian communities of color. In addition to supporting us through your purchase, you can become a Faithfully Magazine Partner subscriber.

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