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Faithfully Magazine: 2020 Special Edition Preview (Where Do We Go From Here?)

We are proud to present the cover of our upcoming 2020 Special Edition of Faithfully Magazine, scheduled to go on sale in coming weeks. As some of you may know, we have not published an issue of the magazine since our Summer 2018 issue that featured recording artist Anthony Evans as our cover feature.

What’s Inside the Issue

Eager to return to publishing and sensitive of the time we are currently in (facing fallout from a pandemic, worldwide justice movements, and a pivotal presidential election all at the same time), we focused this Special Edition on certain topics: Black Christians and what appears to be an unprecedented interest among the American public, including White Christians, in our modern civil rights movement.

Among the many questions we asked particular Black leaders is: Where do we go from here? Key figures tell us what they make of our current movement and what specific things they believe need to happen to move the country and the church forward on racial justice.

Faithfully Magazine 2020 Special Edition Preview Cover

In addition to our cover story, other content includes:

  • Conversations with Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil (whose Q&A is already online for Faithfully Magazine Partners) and Stuart Greaves;
  • A White pastor’s recollection of his shocking confrontation with racism in his denomination;
  • A look at how historical and modern freedom songs and protest music embodies hope;
  • A timely devotional for those deep in the justice fight;
  • A look at some of the Christian creatives who have been keeping us inspired and entertained during the pandemic shutdown;
  • Several timely commentaries touching on the coronavirus, immigration, politics, and more.

How to Get a Copy

While the Special Edition will be available for general purchase in the coming weeks, Faithfully Magazine Partners can expect to receive a complimentary digital or print copy as the issue rolls out. If you have not yet subscribed to become a Faithfully Magazine Partner, we recommend you do so now to gain full access.

This Faithfully Magazine 2020 Special Edition marks our return to publishing, with the goal now being to publish at least twice a year and go deeper on key issues impacting our diverse Christian communities as we look toward 2021.

Preview the 2020 Special Edition

Get an idea of what you can expect when the issue drops with the preview/excerpts below (click the center of the document to see it in full screen).

If you’re new to Faithfully Magazine, read our About page.

If you would like to place an ad in the issue, email us at contact @

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