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Faithfully Podcast 1: How Christians Can Engage Black Lives Matter

In this week’s episode of Faithfully Podcast, the crew welcomes Khristi Adams, an ordained minister and Interim Protestant Chaplain at Georgetown University Law Center & Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Due to technical difficulties while recording this new episode of Faithfully Podcast, you will not hear directly from Khristi about her new play premiering in April at Georgetown University.

The play, entitled “God & Country,” is written and directed by Khristi and features 7 Georgetown University undergraduates.

According to the Georgetown campus ministry blog, “‘God & Country’ will engage attendees to think about pressing national and world issues that have sparked passionate reactions nationwide; including the Black Lives Matter movement and the European refugee crisis.”

“At the heart of the play,” the blog adds, “is a central question all participants must engage with: ‘are you a part of the solution, or are you a part of the problem?’”

Khristi is currently an Interim Protestant Chaplain at Georgetown University Law Center & Georgetown University. She has previously worked as Associate Campus Pastor for Preaching & Spiritual Programming at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California and as a youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, NJ.

In her appearance on Faithfully Podcast (recorded March 25, 2016), Khristi comments on Christian engagement with the Black Lives Matter movement, how an elder church leader helped her understand the grassroots efforts required for effective activism and the thinking that went into writing her book, The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness: A cultural critique of myths surrounding singleness in the Christian community.

Khristi also joins the hosts (Nicola, Keisha and Vincent) in commenting on the kerfuffle over Dr. James White’s racially-tinged Facebook post about a dashcam and a black boy.

Listen to Faithfully Podcast 1 featuring guest Khristi Adams:

Photo by Johnny Silvercloud

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