Faithfully Podcast 12: Rapzilla, Race, Christians, and Hip-Hop


In this episode of Faithfully Podcast, Rapzilla’s Chad Horton and music writer Justin Sarachik join hosts Nicola Menzie, Keisha Boston and Vincent Funaro in a conversation about race, Christianity and hip-hop.

Horton is co-owner of, described as the No. 1 Christian hip-hop website. He’s also marketing director at Syntax Creative. Sarachik is a musician and lead singer of the prog-rock/rap/metal band Process of Fusion. He’s also a writer with bylines for and Contemporary Christian Music magazine.

In the hour-long conversation, we touched on everything from diversity at Rapzilla and criticism of Lecrae and Reach Records to Christian reaction to work from artists like Chance The Rapper and how to interpret controversial behavior of artists who say they follow God, such as DMX.

Here’s a timed breakdown of the conversation:

0:01 Intro
0:39 Chad explains his credit as co-owner of
3:42 Justin explains his band Process of Fusion and writing for Rapzilla
5:27 Rapzilla staff’s gender makeup
8:22 Does Rapzilla connect with the church, or just Christian rap heads?
11:56 Chad says, “It seemed like the white churches were more receptive to hip-hop than the black churches…”
12:41 Does Rapzilla actively try to make its staff diverse?
16:16 Chad comments on Rapzilla founder and co-owner Philip Rood’s April 19, 2016 tweet:[email protected] @andymineo I’m saddened that you act like you’re better than the rest of us, by ignoring the cries from the CHH community.”

Links referenced in the episode:

Christian Hip-Hop Responds to Mainstream Music’s New Gospel

Chance The Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’ Reveals Shades Of Gospel


Photo by Antonio Rull

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