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Faithfully Podcast 3: Christian Republican Rapper Says Blacks Needed in GOP to Fight Racist Attitudes

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Aspiring Mogul, Known for Ben Carson Rap Ad, Talks Politics and Hip-Hop

Aspiring Mogul, who made headlines last November when the Ben Carson campaign released a rap ad featuring one of his tracks, says he would never deny that the Republican party has problems with race.

He considers himself as a sort of “revolutionary” for choosing to belong to the mostly-white Republican Party, whose older members, he said, are more likely than younger members to hold racist views.

For him, a part of being a Republican is about challenging stereotypes that some whites might have about African Americans, and being able to represent the interests of his community in the party.

“How are white people gonna care about black issues if black people ain’t never there to represent and communicate to them what black issues are? So I feel like we need a seat at every table, no matter what it is,” he said.

“If they’re used to saying ‘nigga’ they can’t say it no more because I’m sitting in the room. If they used to subjugate us, they can’t do that no more because I’m in the room,” he said.


Linking Up With Ben Carson for a Radio Ad

As Aspiring Mogul shared with Faithfully Podcast hosts Nicola, Keisha and Vincent, he was rapping long before Carson announced his run for presidency.

The radio ad released last year, before Carson dropped out of the presidential race, encouraged people to get out and vote.

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