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5 Famous Churches in NYC You Should Visit (Free Guide)

Are you visiting New York City for the first time and want to include a few churches in your trip? Well, we have a free guide on churches to visit, along with some pointers and a few interesting facts to help you make the most of your visit.

We decided to create this guide after realizing how popular our article on the five largest churches in New York City is. Its popularity means NYC tourists and guests have a big interest in knowing which churches to visit when they come to town, or maybe it means people on the web are just curious about churches in New York City.

Either way, if you’re reading this page, you’ll likely find our guide pretty helpful.

Our free guide on which churches to visit in NYC is divided into four parts and includes the following information:

  • Part 1: 5 Churches in NYC Popular With Visitors
    • You get a breakdown on five diverse churches known for particular features that make them stand out with guests.
  • Part 2: Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Churches
    • If you’re not a regular churchgoer, this part might be really helpful. Otherwise, everyone will find something useful here to help them plan a church visit.
  • Part 3: Interesting Facts and Information
    • Did you know that Brooklyn has a special nickname when it comes to churches or which NYC neighborhood has the greatest concentration of houses of worship? This information might come in handy as you plan your trip.
  • Part 4: Free Resources to Help Plan Your Church Visits
    • This section offers a variety of sources on how to get around, where to go to hear sweet gospel music, which churches have the most interesting architecture, and more.

Again, this is a totally free guide with some interesting and relevant information we simply figured could help as you plan your trip. If you have trouble accessing the guide using the form below, email us at contact(at)

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