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‘Get in The Word with Truth’s Table’ Podcast Hits 1M Downloads Almost 2 Years After Launch

The “Get in The Word with Truth’s Table” podcast hosted by Ekemini Uwan and Dr. Christina Edmondson and produced by InterVarsity Press has officially surpassed 1 million downloads.

InterVarsity Press, which launched the podcast in January 2022, revealed that it achieved 1 million downloads in October 2023.

“Hitting the one million download milestone for ‘Get in The Word with Truth’s Table’ is an affirmation and confirmation of the importance of this kingdom work,” Uwan said in a press release. “We knew there was a void in the audio Bible podcast market, and we sought to fill that void so that Black women and everyone knows that the gospel of Jesus Christ belongs to us too.”

Edmondson said she was “grateful and amazed” to have reached such a milestone and that the hosts were looking to God to hit one million more downloads.

“We know that God’s Word lifts burdens, transforms hearts, and reassures us of the bounty of grace extended to all of us,” she said.

“Get in The Word with Truth’s Table” features Uwan and Edmondson reading through the entire Bible in a year, with each episode lasting about 15-25 minutes. Reading from the New English Translation of the Bible, the hosts also offer daily prayers and reflections on the Scripture readings.

The Bible-in-a-year podcast is part of IVP’s Every Voice Now initiative to elevate voices of color.

IVP’s Director of Product Innovation, Helen Lee, acknowledged that the voices of Black women have not always been among those heard and heeded historically in the church.

“I’m so grateful to Ekemini and Christina for lending their respected and trustworthy voices towards this project that will help listeners hear and obey God’s Word,” Lee said in the release.

The popularity of “Get in The Word with Truth’s Table” is a testament to the growing demand for resources that reflect the diversity of the Christian church. Listeners have praised the podcast for its accessibility, its thoughtful reflections, and its commitment to amplifying the voices of Black women.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom with a young toddler and I struggle to make time to read my Bible in the morning,” wrote one reviewer. “I can listen to the word read, in a voice like my own, while I’m preparing breakfast and feeding my child. Thank you for doing this for another year. You all help me receive God’s word daily. And the prayers are such a blessing!”

Many listeners agree that they have found the prayers from the podcast most helpful.

“It’s the voices, rhythm, and tones. It’s the inflections. It’s the prayers. Did I mention it’s the prayers!?! It’s what I knew was missing in my life and couldn’t thank God more for this gift,” wrote another reviewer. “Thank you ladies for continuing to be pioneers in the faith in time[s] such as these.”

In addition to reaching the 1 million download milestone with “Get in The Word with Truth’s Table,” Uwan and Edmondson have seen their “Truth’s Table” podcast hit more than 4 million downloads.

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