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Help Get the Word Out About Faithfully Magazine No. 2’s Kickstarter

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This is information about our new Kickstarter campaign.

After a series of unanticipated delays, partly due to Faithfully Media LLC and party due to the printer whose services we use, the proof for Faithfully Magazine No. 2 has finally been cleared and the files queued for printing. However, we believe it is important to get more copies of the magazine distributed before moving on to issue No. 3, so we’ve put together this Kickstarter campaign.

Why Kickstarter

We’ve launched this Kickstarter campaign to get as much support as we can to print additional copies of the latest issue. We are also hoping to stock extra copies in anticipation of future sales since we cannot do print-on-demand for prospective buyers. Unfortunately, as a young company, we remain limited on some fronts.

This Kickstarter campaign will only run for 7 days, so as not to delay too much longer getting copies of the new issue into the hands of subscribers and those who have already pre-paid for their copy of the magazine.

Reward Levels

Each reward level reflects the actual price of the magazine (rounded up a penny) plus shipping (that’s $9+$4), with $1 added to defray Kickstarter fees. That means a single copy of Faithfully Magazine is tiered at $14.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for Faithfully Magazine No. 2

Every issue of Faithfully Magazine is 84 pages; perfect-bound; in full-color; and packaged in a clear polybag with boarding to avoid damage during mailing.

Note: We are not offering any individual digital issues or digital subscription reward  levels in this Kickstarter campaign. Visit here instead:

Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Irma is currently wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and in parts of the U.S. We would be neglecting a timely opportunity to do some good if we failed to help channel some much-needed resources to groups already on the ground in areas impacted by Irma. So Faithfully Media LLC will donate 15% of the funds raised in this Kickstarter campaign to GlobalGiving.

GlobalGiving is a secure, trusted and effective non-profit crowdfunding platform that connects other nonprofits and companies with donors who want to give in meaningful ways. Here is the campaign page for Hurricane Irma relief where Faithfully Media LLC will pass on 15% of your funds at the close of this Kickstarter:

About Faithfully Magazine No. 2

This issue (preview it here) allows readers to hear from notable leaders about how race impacts various avenues and industries and from individuals and communities working to overcome white supremacy — which is the basis of the “race issue” in America. That is why the cover title of this new issue is “Whiteness Is Crippling the Church” (the actual story title is a lot more specific).

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for Faithfully Magazine No. 2


  • Update with Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, on professors’ “rapper costume” photo
  • Glenn E. Bracey (Sociologist; author of paper “Race Tests”: Racial Boundary Maintenance in White Evangelical Churches published in the journal Sociological Inquiry)
  • Trillia Newbell (Author; Director of Community Outreach at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)
  • Walter R. Strickland (1st Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention; Special Advisor to the President for Diversity & Instructor of Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • BJ Thompson (Director of Build a Better Us)
  • Daniel Hill (Chicago pastor; White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means to Be Whiteauthor)
  • Nancy Wang Yuen (Sociologist; Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism author)
  • On Kevin Jones and Jarvis J Williams’ Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention: Diverse African American and White Perspectives
  • Timely commentaries, book excerpts, reviews and more

What Readers Have Said About Faithfully Magazine

“… a new, sweet magazine for these troubled times…”

“What I found incredibly refreshing, was the breadth of viewpoints it encompassed–politically, socially, culturally, denominationally… It is so rare to find a source that is willing to provide a voice to views that don’t even necessarily even align with their own.”

“… intellectually stimulating, and had writing featured from fresh, new voices”

Learn more about Faithfully Magazine:

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for Faithfully Magazine No. 2

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Faithfully Magazine is a fresh, bold and exciting news and culture publication that covers issues, conversations and events impacting Christian communities of color.


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