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New Jersey Lawmakers Move to Protect Interracial Marriage

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It’s 2023 — and yet New Jersey has never officially codified the right for people of different races to marry. A bill doing just that is making its way through the Legislature.

Approved unanimously by the Assembly in February, the bill cleared the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. It still requires approval from full Senate before making its way to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk.

What would the legislation do?

The legislation notes that the “right to marry or enter into a civil union with a person of any race, including the same or a different race, is a fundamental right and that race shall not be declared to be a prohibiting factor.”

The bill praises the Legislature for never outright prohibiting the right for people of different races to marry so there’s no need to “reverse invidious discrimination in marriage or civil union status on the basis of race.”

The bill would take effect immediately. Interracial marriage was legalized nationally on June 12, 1967, when the United States Supreme Court overturned the convictions of a husband, a white person, and wife, a black person in Loving v. Virginia. Loving Day, a celebration of interracial marriage by its supporters, is held annually on June 12.

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