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Introducing Faithfully Podcast – At The Intersection of Race, Culture and Christianity

Faithfully Magazine has launched a new podcast called Faithfully Podcast, featuring conversations about race, culture and Christianity.

The premiere episode (“Introductions 0”) features myself (the main host), along with co-hosts Keisha Boston (of “The Keisha Boston Show”) and Vincent Funaro (a writer and rapper known as Vinny Jett). In this first episode, we discuss how we navigate race and culture as Christians, share personal stories about church diversity and hilariously wonder out loud about race in hip-hop.

Future episodes will feature a special guest talking with the hosts about race and faith, their work, current events, and whatever else happens to come up with the aim of informing and inspiring the audience to pursue similar healthy conversations about race in their own online and offline spaces.

In addition to being active believers, the hosts bring experience to the table as religion reporters (Nicola and Vincent) with seminary backgrounds (Nicola and Keisha) and unique perspectives as 30-somethings living in special locales (Brooklyn, Philly and Staten Island).

The purpose of the Faithfully Podcast falls in line with the mission of, as laid out in a Medium post I recently wrote. In the post, I explain why I feel the times demand meaningful discussions about race/racism/racial justice, particularly among Christians:

In addition to revealing just how intensely at odds Americans remain on matters of race/racism/racial justice, the Black Lives Matter movement has stirred some to acknowledge, perhaps in ways they have not before, how the nation’s ugly past continues to adversely affect our churches, schools, newsrooms, political parties, justice system, police departments, etc.

As with slavery and the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, this new movement has Christians grappling once more about the roles they should play and whether they should stand either on this or that side of history.

As a journalist, as a black woman, as an American, and as a Christian, I ask myself the same questions. I want to capture, facilitate and contribute to the conversations about race and faith that will empower Christians to move toward greater unity.

… Hopefully, it does not take another 50 years for Martin Luther King, Jr’s oft-referenced quote about 11 o’clock on Sunday mornings to finally become irrelevant.

Read the full post at Medium.

Faithfully Podcast is all about having fun, building bridges, challenging stereotypes, and having honest discussions with people who share a common faith.

Please check out the first episode below, and share it on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you hang out. And don’t forget to leave a comment or some feedback. You can also find Faithfully Podcast on iTunes.

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