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This Christian Couple Went From Food Stamps to Building a $10M Enterprise

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Chicago entrepreneurs Jamal and Natasha Miller went from food stamps to a multimillion-dollar enterprise in less than four years. The couple met on Facebook, fell in love, and committed to building a successful life and business together.

Meeting each other and living happily ever after with millions of dollars in their accounts would be an instant fairytale. However, Jamal and Natasha’s story was filled with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, including making sure they had money on hand to meet basic needs while they fulfilled the vision within them.

“A little over 4 years ago Natasha and I had to make one of the most humbling decisions of our life,” Jamal shared on Instagram. “That was to get on food stamps in order to keep food on the table while I struggled to find consistent work while building our business.”

He continues, “My encouragement to all….stay focused on what God Promised and put in the work til it comes to pass.”

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