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John Boyega Starts and Ends His Day With Prayer: ‘That’s How I Was Raised’

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John Boyega, star of “Star Wars” and “Pacific Rim,” revealed in a recent interview with W magazine that his days are usually sandwiched between reading a devotion and saying prayers. But that might not be a surprise for fans of the British actor who also know he is a preacher’s kid and a devoted Christian.

In the interview with W’s Brooke Marine, the breakout star talked about everything from what’s at the top of his podcast playlist to his views on overcoming obstacles.

Also among the series of questions Boyega was asked by Marine were ones about his morning and bedtime habits:

I have some rapid fire pop culture questions to ask you. Starting with: What’s the first thing you read in the morning?

It’s called “A Word for Today.” It’s a Christian app that gives you Bible scriptures, and a little story and a message.

Last question: What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

I pray! I pray, I pray, I pray. I forgot to pray yesterday, though, because I *conked* out! [Laughs.] I pray and then sometimes if I have enough time I’ll try to meditate as well. Just to detach from the day and the current challenges and struggles of daily life, I try to detach and hopefully find some good path.

So you start your day and end your day with prayer.

Yeah! That’s how I was raised.

Although Boyega, 26, told W he uses a Christian app called “A Word for Today,” the actor may have actually meant to call it “The Word for Today,” which is produced by Vision Christian Media.

Boyega, who had his breakout role as Moses in 2011’s “Attack the Block,” was raised to respect his Nigerian family’s Christian faith. His father, Samson Adegboyega, is a Pentecostal minister—”without the shouting,” the London-born actor previously told The New York Times.

Based on interviews he’s done with various media outlets, it’s clear Boyega takes his faith seriously, though that may not have always been the case. He has admitted that he wants to have “more of an awareness of my spirituality,” and not be so controlled by his emotions in certain moments.

And though he has insisted that the woman he dates has “got to be Christian,” the actor’s spiritual walk wasn’t always straight and narrow.

“I grew up as a minister’s son and was systematically religious in the beginning,” Boyega explained earlier this year. “I was religious because that was all I knew. I let it go and had my own spiritual experiences and came on back. When I did that, my life and my outlook changed.”

He added: “I’m still a work in progress but I have a fundamental blueprint for the kind of man I want to be and it was through that process of being in acting school with those people who had spiritual awareness and weren’t afraid to say it.”

Among the the people from acting school that Boyega referenced in that interview was fellow British star Letitia Wright, who made waves as Shuri in the blockbuster “Black Panther” film. The two would talk about “our spirituality, our relationship with God, prayer, and various other things,” Boyega said.

Wright, 24, has been very open about how a relationship with God gave her new perspective after she found herself idolizing her acting career. The Guyana-born actress, who recently nabbed an Emmy nomination for her role in the Netflix series “Black Mirror” (“Black Museum”), routinely shares elements of her faith and uplifting messages with followers on Twitter.

As for Boyega, although he has been noted for his roles in “Detroit” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” the actor has shown himself as a force to reckoned with in his portrayal of Finn in the new “Star Wars” series.

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