Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Let Glenn Beck Use His Private Jet for Rescue Mission

kenneth copleand jet
(Photo: YouTube/Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland allowed media personality Glenn Beck to borrow his private jet for a recent rescue mission in Afghanistan, it’s been reported.

According to Faithwire:

Glenn Beck was aided in his travels last week by televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who lended his private jet to the conservative talk radio host as he worked to rescue endangered Christians in Afghanistan.

Beck’s operation, The Nazarene Fund, has resulted in the rescue of more than 5,000 Christian refugees, who have now been relocated in a handful of different countries — a Goliath task he said was accomplished with no help from the U.S. government.

Copleand, a controversial prosperity preacher based in Texas, was previously criticized for his demeanor in a television news clip in which he defended his ownership of a multimillion dollar private jet.

Inside Edition, which tracked down Copeland for the impromptu interview, revealed, according to HuffPost, that: “Copeland’s ministry owns at least three private aircrafts … including a $20 million Citation 10 and a Gulfstream V jet purchased from American movie director Tyler Perry.”

While Copeland’s ministry insists the jets are for ministry purposes, Inside Edition revealed that the minister “has used his planes to fly to a vacation home in Colorado at least 143 times.”

Inside Edition published its 2019 coverage of Copeland to YouTube in a video titled “Why Do These Televangelists Need Expensive Jets?”

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