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Christian Comedian KevOnStage Reveals Sudden Death of Brother Jason Fredericks

Kevin Fredericks, the actor and comedian known as KevOnStage, recently revealed the sudden death of his older brother, Jason Fredericks.

“I lost my brother yesterday. He passed away suddenly. I looked up to him as much as any younger brother could,” KevOnStage tweeted Friday, September 23. “Our family misses him dearly. Already. Prayer for our family. His wife. His kids.”

The Christian entertainer added, “I will make you proud.”

Fredericks’s cause of death has not been revealed. The content creator and producer was 42 years old.

While Jason Fredericks initially was introduced on the scene as part of comedic trio The Playmakers alongside his brother, in recent years he took on the role of a talent/business manager and creative consultant.

As revealed by his brother KevOnStage, Jason leaves behind a wife and children. He had celebrated one of his children’s fourth birthday just days before passing.

Despite his mourning, KevOnStage has continued posting content on social media — much of it revealing how he has been processing his brother’s untimely death.

“In the worst pain imaginable but I am still getting these jokes off. Humor is my process. My brother would be proud,” he tweeted the day of Jason’s death.

“Like even though I be crying. When I think about my brother I be laughing. Memories mean so much more when they’re all you have left. I will laugh forever. And cry forever too. @jsonfredericks I miss you so much already,” he wrote on the caption of a video showing humorous interaction between himself, his brother, and is wife, known as MrsKevOnStage (Melissa Fredericks).


Faithfully Magazine previously spoke with KevOnStage and MrsKevOnStage about their new book, Marriage Be Hard: 12 Conversations to Keep You Laughing, Loving, and Learning with Your Partner — a New York Times bestseller.

Update (October 3, 2022):  A funeral was held for Jason Fredericks on October 1 at Fallbrook Church in Houston, Texas. KevOnStage has also published a tribute video for his late older brother on YouTube. The video reveals that Fredericks had previously battled a cancer diagnosis, although his cause of death remains unclear.

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