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How a Christian’s Crushed NBA Dreams Led to Multi-Million Dollar Apparel Company

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His Christian faith kept him going, and an idea to marry it with athletic wear–dreamed up while he was recuperating in a hospital–gave him a thriving Houston-based company. Oh, and his investors? They include some guy named Steph Curry. –As told to Tom Foster

Since I was 7, I had dreamed of playing in the NBA. After my junior year at the University of Houston, I was projected to go as high as the first or second round of the NBA draft. Then I decided to stay in school. During one of the last practices before the season began, I was finishing a layup when a teammate ran underneath me. I landed awkwardly and a bone in my foot snapped in half. There were complications, and an infection. Doctors saved my foot, but they said I’d never play in college again–or the pros. But my mom always said, “If God has something planned for you, regardless of the obstacles you encounter, it will happen.” I did everything to get back in shape, and got signed by the Sacramento Kings.

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