6 Largest Churches in Las Vegas

international church of las vegas faithfully magazine
(Photo: International Church of Las Vegas)

Las Vegas, sometimes referred to as “Sin City,” is Nevada’s largest city and home to several large Christian churches.

Nevada’s biggest Protestant church, however, is Central Church. Nevada’s other large churches are far from matching Central Church’s size, but still attract pretty big crowds for services.

This list of the six largest churches in Las Vegas is presented in ascending order, with the largest Las Vegas church appearing last.

In addition to the names, sizes, and web addresses, are brief paragraphs giving a little background on each church and its pastor.

6. The Church at South Las Vegas – 3,200

Church at South Las Vegas Faithfully Magazine
(Photo: Church at South Las Vegas)

Web: churchlv.com

Las Vegas Christian Church, or ChurchLV, describes itself as “a non-denominational Christian Church in the Las Vegas Valley, with a mission to lead people to encounter new life in Jesus.” The church is led by Benny and Wendy Perez, who started serving their congregation out of their home in 2002. (Source)

5. Evangelical Shadow Hills Church – 4,000

Shadow Hills Downtown Vegas Faithfully Magazine
(Photo: Shadow Hills Downtown)

Web: thehillsdowntown.com

Evangelical Shadow Hills Church describes itself as “a gospel-driven community that has been blessed by Jesus Christ and he now has called us to bless our neighbors and community in downtown Las Vegas.” Benn Lunn serves as Shadow Hills Downtown campus pastor. (Source)

4. Mountaintop Faith Ministries – 5,000

mountaintop faith ministries vegas faithfully magazine
(Photo: Mountaintop Faith Ministries)

Web: mfmnv.org

Mountaintop Faith Ministries was blessed with humble beginnings as Golden Valley Apostolic Church, founded by Elder Charles Gamble in 1973 and incorporated on June 1, 1978. Our Senior Pastor, Elder Clinton House, was installed on September 14, 1990 with a congregation of only 13 members. On July 18, 1993 the church was renamed Mountaintop Faith Ministries (MFM). (Source)

3. Canyon Ridge Christian Church – 6,500

canyon ridge christian church vegas faithfully magazine
(Photo: Canyon Ridge Christian Church)

Web: canyonridge.org

Canyon Ridge Christian Church says its mission is to “join Jesus and bring life to everyone, everywhere, every day.” The church’s four pillars are: good connections, good friends, good strength, and good resources. Canyon Ridge Christian Church was founded in 1993 and is currently led by Pastor Drew Moore (as of October 2018). (Source)

2. International Church of Las Vegas – 10,000

international church of las vegas faithfully magazine
(Photo: International Church of Las Vegas)

Web: iclv.com

On its website, International Church of Las Vegas states that it “is a non-denominational church in relationship with the Assemblies of God, which is a cooperative fellowship” and that “we believe in a wonderful God who loves His creation.” The church’s four pillars are: reach, reconcile, raise, and release. Senior Leader Paul Marc and Senior Associate Pastor Denise Goulet are the husband-and-wife team that leads International Church of Las Vegas.

Central Christian Church faithfully magazine
(Photo: Central Christian Church)

1. Central Church – 21,055

Web: centralonline.tv

Jud Wilhite serves as Senior Pastor of Central Church. Under Wilhite’s leadership, Central is dedicated to introducing people to Jesus and helping them follow Him. He is known for his conversational approach to teaching the Bible and his passion to help others know God and love Him more. Jud is a Best-Selling author who has written several books including The God of Yes, Pursued, and a study Bible for new believers, The Uncensored Truth Bible for New Beginnings. (Source)

This list of the 5 largest churches in Las Vegas used data gathered by the Hartford Seminary, Hartford Institute for Religion Research, MSNBC, and Las Vegas Sun.

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