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Latasha Morrison’s New Book ‘Brown Faces, White Spaces’ Tackles Systemic Racism and Offers Hope for Healing

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Latasha Morrison, the New York Times bestselling author of Be the Bridge, is set to release a new book, Brown Faces, White Spaces: Confronting Systemic Racism to Bring Healing and Restoration. Morrison’s new book delves into the persistent issue of racial disparity in America, focusing on how systemic racism continues to permeate various aspects of society.

Morrison, a champion for unity and bridge builder, argues that systemic racism isn’t a relic of the past but a present reality. Brown Faces, White Spaces explores nine key areas where racial inequities flourish: education, healthcare, the justice system, and even the church. Through personal stories, historical context, and a clear-eyed examination of current events, the book aims to shed light on the root causes of this ongoing problem.

But Brown Faces, White Spaces isn’t just about the diagnosis. Morrison goes beyond simply identifying the issues and proposes a path forward, a three-step process of preparation, dedication, and liberation. This framework encourages readers to acknowledge the truth about racial inequities and commit themselves to dismantling these systems and working towards a more just society.

Latahsa Morrison’s Brown Faces, White Spaces drops May 21, 2024.

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