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Christians and Critical Race Theory: Watch Faithfully Magazine’s Live Q&A on CRT

Update (12/18/2020): Here is the on-demand version of our live Q&A on Critical Race Theory with Dr. Nathan Luis Cartagena.

Editor’s note: Although we initially intended to make the live Q&A exclusive to our Faithfully Magazine Partners, due to technical difficulties with the livestream, the event was made open to the general public. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

(Original post follows)

Thank you for your interest in participating in Faithfully Magazine’s live Q&A session on Christians and critical race theory with Dr. Nathan L. Cartagena. Dr. Cartagena is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College in Illinois. His teaching and scholarship focus on race, racism, critical race theory, military ethics, and Thomas Aquinas.

Update (12/17/2020): To participate in the live chat feature, you will need a YouTube account for (this helps us moderate comments and maintain an enjoyable environment for everyone). You do not need a YouTube account to watch the live stream.

WHO: Dr. Nathan L. Cartagena
WHAT: A live Q&A on Christians and critical race theory
WHEN: December 18, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. ET
WHERE: YouTube Live
REQUIRED: Faithfully Magazine Partnership
RELATED: What Christians Get Wrong About Critical Race Theory (three-part series)
ABOUT US: Faithfully Magazine is a fresh, bold, and exciting news and culture publication centering on Christian communities of color. (More)

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Paying Subscribers/FM Partners Enjoy Live Access
This live Q&A, scheduled for December 18 at 6:30 p.m. ET, is for our paying subscribers, or Faithfully Magazine Partners.

FM Partners will be able to enjoy attending the live virtual Q&A and interacting with the guest and hosts in real-time (you will need a YouTube account). General viewers will be able to access the on-demand playback of the event two weeks after broadcast (beginning the week of January 4, 2021). In addition, FM Partners can download a free packaged PDF of Dr. Cartagena’s three-part series, “What Christians Get Wrong About Critical Race Theory.” Non-paying subscribers can purchase the packaged PDF series here.


As an independent publication, Faithfully Magazine relies on subscribing partners to fulfill our mission to help keep Christian media diverse. We do this by centering our content on the conversations, events, and concerns impacting Christian communities of color. One of the benefits of a paid subscription is access to virtual events, such as this live Q&A on Christians and critical race theory.

Sign Up to Watch the Virtual Q&A Live
If you are not currently a Faithfully Magazine Partner (paying subscriber) and would like to sign up, you may do so at this link or via the options at the end of this page. Donations/one-time contributions do not qualify for a FM Partner account (Levels A, B, and C only).

Submit Your Questions for Consideration
While FM Partners who join the live Q&A will have the opportunity to have some of their questions answered directly during the event, we invite you to submit questions ahead of time. FM Partners can submit any questions they may have for Dr. Cartagena and Faithfully Magazine’s volunteer staff (Managing Editor Nicola A. Menzie and Associate Editor Timothy I. Cho) ahead of time via the form below by Thursday, December 17. We do not guarantee that any of your questions will be answered.

Use this form to submit your questions and/or request your free PDF (as an FM Partner)

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