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Oregon Teen Saves Baby After Witnessing Family’s Death During Storm

Majiah Washington, an Oregon teenager, has been hailed a hero for selflessly leaping into action to save a baby from potentially being electrocuted by a downed wire.

Washington ignored a 911 operator’s warning after witnessing the fatal back-to-back electrocution of the child’s parents as well as a third relative during a dangerous storm in Portland.

Essence reports that Majiah Washington:

“[…] jumped into action last Wednesday [January 17] when she saw a flash outside her Portland home after a red SUV became entangled with a power line taken down by a fallen tree branch. The child’s parents had been putting their 9-month-old baby in his car seat when the tragic events occurred.

According to The Associated Press, the frantic mother yelled at her boyfriend to get the child and get away as the car caught fire. However, a thick sheet of ice caused the father to slip on the live wire when he was holding the baby, Washington said, electrocuting him. The child’s mother, who was reportedly six months pregnant, and her 15-year-old brother, who came outside to help, also died in the same manner.

Washington was on the phone with first responders as the trio lay on the ground when she saw the baby’s head move atop the father’s chest and knew that the 9-month-old was alive.

In a January 28 online chat with Officer Tommy Norman, Washington revealed that she wasn’t even aware at the time that the child’s family members were dead. She thought the child’s parents and uncle had “passed out.”

Majiah Washington also told Norman she was able to visit with the baby in the wake of the fatal incident and hopes to maintain a relationship with him.

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