Pastor Mike Todd Says the Holy Spirit ‘Isn’t Extra, He’s Essential’ in ‘Upgrade’ Sermon

Transformation Church Leader Breaks Down Christian Godhead, Teaches Personhood of the Holy Spirit

pastor mike todd
Pastor Mike Todd. (Photo: Pastor Mike Todd/Transformation Church)

Mike Todd, pastor of Transformation Church, introduced a new sermon series recently in which he attempts to break down the Personhood of the Holy Spirit in a message titled “The Upgrade.”

“The Bible never refers to the Holy Spirit as ‘it’…so why do we? 🤨 There is nothing spooky or mystical about Him. You gotta come to the revelation that He is a person,” Pastor Todd wrote on Instagram Monday.

He went on to say that Christians will “never develop a personal relationship with someone who you don’t see as a person. But when you do acknowledge Him as a person, then you will be able to develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.”


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Transformation Church described this relationship and shift in perspective as an “upgrade”—asking, “Why wouldn’t you accept the Upgrade?” on YouTube.

The description goes on to state: “The Holy Spirit is not just a power, He is not just a Presence; The Holy Spirit is a PERSON and He wants a specific relationship with you.”

In his sermon, Todd speculates that if the Holy Spirit had a human name, “like Gary,” more people would receive Him.

He also claims at another point that some Christians have “just been taught wrong” about the Christian Godhead, which includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

To illustrate the teaching of God as three Persons, Todd presents three containers, each holding water, ice, and dry ice. He emphasizes that in whatever form, each is still H20.


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Todd and his wife, Natalie, are the lead pastors of Transformation Church, “a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-plying, and multi-campus” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Their personal philosophy and driving passion is re-presenting God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ,” the church website states of the Todds.

Todd is also author the bestselling book, Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex.

Watch Todd’s full message on YouTube.



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