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News With Nicola: KevOnStage Loses Brother, Netflix Produces Christian Horror Film, and TD Jakes Hands Reins to Daughter

Christian comedian KevOnStage loses his brother, Netflix produces a Christian horror film based on true events, and Bishop T.D. Jakes steps aside for his daughter — this, and more, in the new episode of “News With Nicola,” hosted by religion reporter and Managing Editor Nicola A. Menzie.

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Transcript and Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of “News With Nicola,” a Faithfully Magazine podcast where we talk news, events, culture and entertainment, and with the occasional guest about tough and timely topics.

I’m your host, Nicola A. Menzie, religion reporter and managing editor at, owned and operated by Faithfully Media.

In this episode of “News With Nicola,” we take a look at some recent headlines…headlines that have been trending on

News Item #1: Christian Comedian KevOnStage Lays Brother to Rest

Christian comedian KevOnStage, born Kevin Fredericks, revealed that his older brother Jason Fredericks died unexpectedly on September 22.

Fredericks’s cause of death has not been revealed, although a tribute video published online by KevOnStage reveals that he had previously undergone bone marrow treatment — which was, as KevOnStage put it, “to get rid of that old cancer demon.”

Although he has “been in the worst pain imaginable,” KevOnStage has been working through his grief via his trademark humor.

“Humor is my process,” he explained. “My brother would be proud.”

“I looked up to him as much as any younger brother could. Our family misses him dearly. Already. Prayer for our family. His wife. His kids,” he said on the day of his brother’s death.

A celebration of life service was held for Jason Fredericks on October 1 at Fallbrook Church in Houston, Texas. The late content creator and business manager is survived by his wife and children. He was 42 years old.

News Item #2: Faith-Based Horror Film ‘The Deliverance’ Heads to Netflix Soon

Netflix has a Christian horror film in post-production called “The Deliverance.” The movie was helmed by director Lee Daniels, known for such works as “Precious” and “The Butler.” It also features a star-studded cast.

“The Deliverance” is notable for a few reasons:

First, it’s being dubbed the “reunion” project for Daniels and award-winning actor/comedian Mo’Nique. The pair had an ugly falling out in 2009 after the release of their award-winning film “Precious.” However, the two have reconciled and were seen sharing a warm moment on the set of “The Deliverance.”

Another reason the Netflix project is notable is because it is said to be based on true events. These events were reported on by the Indianapolis Star newspaper in 2014…under the headline: “The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons.”

The IndyStar reported that several people, including local police, church leaders, hospital staff, and a child services counselor, witnessed unexplained phenomena affecting Ammons’s family and home. And perhaps one of the most disturbing claims reported by the newspaper was that one of her children was seen walking “backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse.”

Now, this doesn’t seem to be your typical horror film, as it seems it was important to Daniels to respect the family’s Christian faith.

“Trying to find the balance between faith based and horror is the hardest thing I’ve done as a filmmaker,” the producer/director/screenwriter confessed in May.

Finally, “The Deliverance” is a draw because the leading cast includes folks like Glenn Close, Omar Epps, Tasha Smith, Aunjanue Ellis, and several others.

News Item #3: Bishop TD Jakes Passes the Torch to Daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts

The Potter’s House pastor T.D. Jakes officially handed over the reins of his long-running Woman, Thou Art Loosed! conference to his daughter, preacher and bestselling author Sarah Jakes Roberts.

While it was suspected that the nearly 30-year Christian conference would be coming to a complete close this year, Bishop Jakes revealed that it would actually be getting an upgrade.

On the final day of the women’s conference, Jakes called his daughter to the stage and anointed her with what was presumably blessed oil before a reported audience of 22,000 women.

The elder Jakes declared that the transition of leadership was “not an inheritance” but “a calling.”

“You are not standing on this stage for family legacy. This is not a favor, but a divine assignment that Woman, Thou Art Loosed! must evolve,” the 65-year-old preacher said, emphasizing the word “evolve.”

Sarah Jakes Roberts, who co-pastors Los Angeles-based ONE Church with husband Touré Roberts, published a bestselling book titled Woman Evolve and leads a conference with the same name. By taking over the Woman, Thou Art Loosed! brand, she presumably now has access to the kind of resources that annually brought in tens of thousands of women to her father’s popular conference.

Jakes Roberts, 34, has proven to be as influential as her father in ministry, attracting more than 4 million followers online and drawing millions of views to her sermons on YouTube.

As for what kinds of changes she might bring to the Woman, Thou Art Loosed! conference in the coming years, only time will tell.

And those are our headlines for this edition of “News With Nicola.”

This is Nicola A. Menzie, managing editor at, hoping I’m leaving you informed and inspired. Till next time.

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