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Pastor Keion Henderson on Telling Woman to ‘Hush’ During Church: It’s Been Going on For Years

Pastor Keion Henderson told talk show host Tamron Hall that he was justified in telling a screaming woman to “hush” during a live-streamed church service.

“Social media’s into cuts, not context, and every suggestion that I got from every naysayer, I’ve already done,” Henderson told Hall, as his wife Shaunie Henderson looked on.

The couple appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show” on May 7, after Henderson’s Sunday service clip had gone viral.

The clip shows Henderson on stage, apparently leading the congregation in worship as a choir stands behind him during a May 5 service. As he begins to sing softly, a woman in the choir, perhaps overcome by emotion, is heard screaming. Henderson, seemingly frustrated, turns and approaches her. He snaps his fingers to get her attention and tells her to “hush.”


The viral clip sparked various responses on social media. However, commenters who said they attend Henderson’s church in person or virtually claimed the woman he confronted has been known to have such outbursts regularly.

Henderson, who is the founder, CEO, and senior pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas, said the issue with the woman screaming during worship has been “a four-year battle.”

“So I’ve already talked to her personally,” he said. “I’d already had ushers go up to her. I’ve already had prayer warriors. I’ve had everything, so she did it publicly after being asked not to.”

“As a pastor, I know the difference between disturbance and worship, and what people have to understand is that every time you hear noises in the church, it isn’t worship,” Henderson said.

The Texas pastor, who has been compared to Joel Osteen for his online influence, insisted that “there has to be order” in church. Henderson’s comment may bring to mind the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 14:40, which states that Christian worship “should be done decently and in order.”

“For instance, it’s OK to applaud in this room right now, but if somebody just got up and started clapping right now, I’m sure somebody would bring order to the room,” he told Hall. “And so what I did is I brought order to the room so people can hear God and not her, and I’ll do it again if I needed to.”

Henderson, who has reportedly been in ministry for more than 26 years, founded The Lighthouse Church in 2009. The church has five campuses across Houston and claims 15,000 members as well as 900,000 weekly virtual viewers on social media, according to the “Our Pastor” page on its website.

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