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Faithfully Podcast Books: Kathy Khang on ‘Raise Your Voice: How to Speak Up and Why We Don’t’

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my politics, but at the end of the day I do believe that as Christians the world should know what we are for and how we are going to change the world for the things that we care deeply about.

Kathy Khang, Faithfully Podcast Books

Faithfully Podcast Books features host Nicola A. Menzie in conversation with authors about their works. We attempt to get beyond the pages of their books to gain insights and inspiration to help listeners better understand their faith, the world, and how to walk effectively in both.

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In this episode, we speak with speaker, activist, and author Kathy Khang about themes she explores in her new book, Raise Your Voice: How to Speak Up and Why We Don’t.

Portions of this interview were published in Faithfully Magazine #4 (Summer 2018), available for download at our store—click here to Shop Faithfully, or use the button below.

Kathy Khang discusses her book Raise Your Voice on Faithfully Podcast Books.
Kathy Khang discusses her book “Raise Your Voice” on Faithfully Podcast Books.

In this Faithfully Podcast Books episode, Khang touches on:

  • How she defines “voice”
  • How her children—all young adults—inspire her to be fearless
  • Pushback against Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who spoke out on gun reform and school safety after the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting
  • How to evaluate motivations for, and desired results of speaking up before choosing to engage
  • On how developing a thick skin can get in the way of how the Holy Spirit speaks to us
  • Why trusting in God doesn’t excuse us from speaking up against injustices
  • Professional and personal experiences that turned into teachable moments for her in learning how to speak up in truthful and loving ways
  • Practices that can help us wield our voices responsibly and effectively for the long haul
  • And more

You can purchase Khang’s book through our Amazon referral link here and help support the podcast, and don’t forget to share this episode on Twitter and Facebook.

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