Rotimi, Jonathan McReynolds, and Anthony Evans Star in Scandalous Faith Drama ‘Favorite Son’

Favorite Son stars Jonathan McReynolds, E. Roger Mitchell, and Rotimi
"Favorite Son" stars (clockwise) Jonathan McReynolds, E. Roger Mitchell, and Rotimi. (Photo: BET Plus)

In the upcoming BET Plus film “Favorite Son,” Jonathan McReynolds and Rotimi star as brothers who “struggle to find balance of life, love, faith, and religion” under the gaze of their overbearing father, a megachurch pastor.

favorite son movie BET Plus
“Favorite Son” by BET Plus. (Photo: screengrab)

Veteran actor E. Roger Mitchell plays the domineering Pastor B.C. Wilson, who wants a say in exactly how his sons, Blain (Rotimi) and Camden (McReynolds) move forward with their newly-formed gospel group.

The problem is, the good reverend seems to have only his own interests at heart—which doesn’t sit well with the first lady, portrayed by seasoned actress Lisa Arrindell.

favorite son movie BET Plus
“Favorite Son” by BET Plus. (Photo: screengrab)

Conflicted over his father’s decisions, Camden finds himself facing tough choices when a music executive (Anthony Evans) takes an interest in his talent.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But if Camden goes after it, he risks deepening the rift with his father and his brother.

favorite son movie BET Plus
“Favorite Son” by BET Plus. (Photo: screengrab)
favorite son movie BET Plus
“Favorite Son” by BET Plus. (Photo: screengrab)

What will he choose, and how will his family be affected?

A trailer for the May 6 film offers clues as to how the scandalous tale might unfold.

McReynolds, known for gospel hits “Make Room” and “Life Music: Stage Two,” makes his acting debut with this project. Rotimi, born Olurotimi Akinosho, has taken on roles in various movies and TV shows, including “Coming 2 America” and the popular “Power” series.

“Favorite Son,” based on Tiffany L. Warren’s novel of the same name, also features Keke Wyatt, Sereyah, Loren Lott, Zane Stephens, and Amy Hui. Robin Givens, who also makes an appearance on screen, takes a rare turn in the director’s seat.

Patricia Cuffie-Jones (“Love the One Your With”) adapted the story for the screen, while Eric Tomosunas, Ron Robinson and Keith Neal for Swirl Films, Devin Griffin and Maureen Guthman for BET Plus, and Rotimi serve as executive producers. “Favorite Son” was produced by Swirl Films, known for its “Saints & Sinners” series, among other projects.



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