Israel-Hamas Conflict Poll: Do You Pray About It? Have You Preached On It? Did You Pick a Side?

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    (Photo: Pixaby/neotam)

    There are a variety of views among Christians regarding the current conflict between Hamas and Israel. Where do you stand?

    The ongoing and deeply rooted Israel-Hamas conflict has far-reaching implications, and the opinions surrounding it are as diverse as they are passionate.

    At Faithfully Magazine, we believe it’s essential to understand the perspectives of our readers on this important matter.

    We invite you to participate in our poll to share your thoughts on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Tell us what news sources you use, how you’ve been praying, if you’ve gravitated toward a side, if your pastor has preached about it, and more. Your responses will provide valuable insights into the diverse range of opinions within our community.

    Your voice matters, and your perspective is an integral part of the larger conversation surrounding this complex and deeply sensitive topic.

    Take our short poll to share your views, and feel free to share more in the Comments (which are moderated).

    Thank you for taking the time to participate in our poll.

    • Question of

      How closely have you been following news of the current Israel-Hamas conflict?

      • Very closely
      • Somewhat closely
      • Not at all
    • Question of

      What are some sources you use to stay informed?

      • U.S. mainstream media
      • Independent media
      • Social media
      • Foreign media
    • Question of

      Has Christian media been fair in its coverage for the most part?

      • Yes
      • No
    • Question of

      In general, are you comfortable discussing the conflict publicly/openly?

      • Yes
      • No
    • Question of

      Do you have family and/or friends on the ground impacted by the conflict?

      • Yes
      • No
    • Question of

      Has the current conflict been a topic in recent sermons at church?

      • Yes
      • Yes and I appreciate that
      • Yes but it shouldn’t be
      • No
      • No and I’m glad
      • No but I wish it was
      • Not in sermons but other formal discussions
    • Question of

      How important is it to know the conflict’s historical context?

      • Very important
      • Somewhat important
      • Not important at all
    • Question of

      Do you find yourself taking a side?

      • Yes, for Israel
      • Yes, for Palestinians
      • Not really
      • I’m concerned for civilians
    • Question of

      In light of the current conflict, what do you pray for most?

      • Peace in the Middle East
      • For Israel’s victory
      • For Palestinian liberation
      • For Christ’s return
      • For Christian unity
    • Question of

      Which most closely aligns with your faith tradition?

      • Evangelical Protestant
      • Black Protestant
      • Mainline Protetsant
      • Roman Catholic
      • Other