Poll: Should the U.S. Make Reparations for Slavery?

    reparations protest
    Photo: (Tyler Merbler on Flickr CC)

    This year has seen ongoing national conversations about the need for the U.S. government to provide reparations “to the descendants of African Americans who were enslaved and suffered from large-scale racial discrimination.” Colleges and universities, including a Baptist seminary, also have been grappling their history of financial reliance on stolen labor.

    Less than 30 percent of Americans have positive views toward the idea of reparations being made to the descendants of Africans enslaved here. (Excerpt from “Christian Rappers Lecrae and Thi’sl Reflect on Enslaved Ancestors in Sobering Exchange”)

    What do you think? Should the U.S. government make reparations for slavery?

    Photo by Tyler Merbler

    • Should the government provide reparations for slavery?

      • Yes
      • No

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