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Call for Submissions: Faithfully Magazine 2020 Special Issue

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Editor’s note: This submission call is closed

Announced: 06/28/2020

Submissions Deadline: 08/15/2020

Scheduled for a late August/early September release, the Faithfully Magazine 2020 issue will primarily focus on the themes of “new” Christian presence in the ongoing fight for racial equity and justice; what the coronavirus pandemic has revealed about U.S. Christianity, including how the virus has potentially changed Christian worship long-term and what we envision for the future of fellowship and community; and finding joy and staying grounded in hope despite what we have lost during the pandemic.

The staples of the publication are Insightful Q&As, Inspiring Features, and Timely Commentaries. Also especially important to our mission are our “Profiled” and “Remember” sections.* To better understand these areas and read about what else we publish, please review our Submission Guide.

In addition to the themes and the staples noted above and listed in the Submission Guide, we welcome pitches for articles of various length specifically on:

  • Minority ethnic communities and race (for example, Trump’s repeated racist use of the phrase “Kung Flu”; immigration amid the pandemic; Native American communities impacted  by COVID-19, etc.)
  • The 2020 Presidential Election (we’re thinking op-eds/essays)
  • Tech tools and advice on maintaining Christian ministry and/or community
  • A look at songs coming out of the current protest movement in light of the tradition of protest hymns/freedom songs from the Civil Rights Movement (Keedron Bryant’s “I Just Wanna Live” comes to mind)
  • Creatives keeping us encouraged and entertained (a single article highlighting 2-3 creatives who are shining amid the pandemic or finally finding overdue recognition (for example, Kev On Stage, Tabitha Brown, and Korean gospel group Korean Soul, etc)
  • Timely health content for our “Wellness” section
  • Designers who make Christian celebrities “pop” (a single article highlighting 2-3 influential stylists and fashion designers who identify as Christians; J.Bolin and Bruce Glen, for example)
  • Critical reviews of books, music, movies, etc. for our “Unwind” section (we generally highlight 3-5 books that we think readers should be reading with descriptive blurbs as a single article and do the same for music and movies). We also run Q&As and features in this section
  • Short devotionals/spiritual reflections

We also publish photo essays that highlight an event, but we welcome pictorials outside of that scope. Original poetry will also be considered for potential publication.

*In general, we only publish one “Profiled” article and one “Remember” article in a print edition.

Submissions must be original, well-written, informative, engaging, and free of plagiarism and typographical errors. The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2020.

Word count depends on the kind of content being submitted. Shorter articles range from 500-800 words, while longer articles may be 1500 words max. However, sidebars and snacks (what we call shorter front of book content) can run anywhere from 250-500 words.

While we provide writers a flat fee of $50 or $100 for online submissions, depending on the category they fall under, we are paying 10 cents per word for Faithfully Magazine’s special print edition. Poetry and pictorials are excluded from this rate.

When you email us your pitch, make sure to briefly state what you would like to write, who you might interview, expected length, why it would be a fit for the magazine, etc.

Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the Submission Guide for final article submissions. Thank you.

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