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Have an original article or op-ed you want considered for publication on Read on to learn how to work with us.

Who We Are and What We Do

Faithfully Magazine is an ethnically-inclusive news and culture publication centered on Christian communities of color. Our content focuses on issues, conversations, and events Christians of color say are important to their faith and to their lives. We pride ourselves on our ecumenical approach as a “conscious” Christian publication for the times. We serve our audience via this website, newsletter and occasional special print edition.

Our content has been cited by publications such as The Washington Post; Vulture; Religion Dispatches; Christianity Today; The Federalist; The Christian Post; Missio Alliance, WNYC, Fortune Magazine’s “Race Ahead” Newsletter, and others. Read more about our mission, ethos, and diverse readership on our About Us page.

We pay along a range of $50-$300 USD, depending on originality, depth of reporting, and well-researched analysis. Although we work with new writers, our time limits us to working with writers whose clips show they are well-practiced in their craft.

Note: Our content does not focus exclusively on race; we are a news and culture publication.

Immediate needs: We are actively accepting pitches for feature articles and current events/trend pieces (“water cooler stories”).

  • Features: These in-depth articles involve compelling storytelling, insightful information, and an arresting angle. Features can be about any topic, event, trend, person/group, etc. as long as these articles have a Christian angle. These are the articles we pay the most for. Word length varies. Example
  • Current Events and Trends: We publish news content and trend articles that are likely to be the talk of the day (or week). These are similar to articles you would find on Mediaite, Raw Story, and The Hill—but reflect specific interests among Christian communities. These are usually researched and summarized articles from various sources that fall between 400-500 words. We pay 10 cents/word for these quick submissions.

What Else We Publish

Insightful Q&As: These interviews are with newsworthy, influential and/or well-informed individuals. A Christian angle is not always 100 percent a feature of these Q&As, but in most cases it is. These interviews should be meaty, but not too long. Examples: 1, 2, and 3

Profiles: Our “Profiled” section includes short articles highlighting the notable work, accomplishments, or testimony of a Christian individual. Word length ranges from 500-800 words. Examples

Historical Biographies: Our “Remember” section is about just that—remembering the contributions of historical Christian figures (usually Christians of color; or Christians who contributed greatly to the advancement or well-being of people of color). Length ranges from 500-800 words. Examples: 1 and 2

Reviews: These articles present a critical take on books, movies, music, theater, etc. relevant to our readership. Limited to 500-800 words. Reviews should be genuine, insightful, and help readers decide the value, or not, of investing their money and/or time in a particular book, movie, etc. Example

Opinion and Analysis: These articles, usually written by subject experts and reflecting extensive research, present particular perspectives on a popular or fundamental subject backed by extensive support for those views as well as constructive analysis. Article length ranges from 1200-2500 words. Example here and here.

Commentaries: These opinion articles and personal essays (not the same as “Opinion and Analysis”) may fall in our “Inspiration” section and generally include timely cultural, social, or political commentary, with a faith angle. We pay for commentaries that are rigorously written and reflect engagement with external sources. Example

First Person: We like to call these faith stories “Testify,” as they entail accounts tied specifically to a Christian experience about one’s relationship with God, a particular struggle or challenge, etc.

Lifestyle: We publish lifestyle articles about travel and leisure experiences; how-tos; money and career advice; health and wellness, relationships, etc. Length ranges from 500-800 words.

Miscellaneous: We are also open to re-publishing well-written blog posts, original devotionals, poetry, original photo essays, and more.

In general, it is best to pitch your idea to us first, instead of sending a completed article or work.

What We Do Not Publish

We embrace nuanced articles and commentaries that grapple with the diversity of Christian thought on matters related to sexuality, relationships, justice, and life (abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, etc.). We do not, however, publish Op-Eds or advertisements that promote ethics, activities or values we as an organization believe conflict with a traditional/orthodox Christian worldview. The writers who work with us may not necessarily share the organization’s editorial and advertising position.

If you have specific questions about whether your pitch is a match for our readership, contact us via the email address below.


Submissions must be well-written, informative, and engaging, and free of plagiarism and typographical errors. If your work has been published elsewhere, including on your own website, let us know.

Those interested in submitting articles must provide clips/links of 2-3 published works. Those providing first-person essays must provide verification and/or contact information for others who can verify your story.

Although writers should self-edit submissions, all accepted content will be edited for clarity, accuracy, house style, and SEO, if necessary. Writers must include URLs for sources where possible, and provide the names, publication titles, programs, etc. cited in article submissions.

The Fine Print

By submitting text, photos, videos and other media and materials to Faithfully Magazine (, you agree that the content does not infringe on or violate someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law.

By submitting articles, event notices, press releases, and other materials to Faithfully Magazine, you agree to the Content Submission Agreement.

How to Submit

Send your pitches or tips to [email protected] If you have a complete story, put it in a Google document and share it with [email protected] and include Write or Comment access. You must include a brief bio about yourself and relevant work/experience along with links to, or attachments of, 2-3 previously published articles and your most relevant social media profiles.

It is not guaranteed that submissions or pitches will be accepted, but Faithfully Magazine will do its best to send a response if one is required. In some cases, submissions and/or pitches that do not fit the editorial scope of the publication or are explicitly promotional will be referred to our Media Kit, or ignored.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you!

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