Trump Iowa Rally Supporters Call Him ‘King’ and Say He Will Save the World

Some Ardent Supporters Say They’ve Changed Their Last Name to Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/CC)

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Iowa on October 9, drawing ecstatic supporters who referred to him as “king,” have legally taken on his name, and believe that he is the savior of the world.

Trump made his first visit to Iowa since losing the presidential election in November. At the rally, Trump “[launched] a multifront assault on President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats he said are taking the nation to the ‘brink of ruin,'” the Des Moines Register reports.

The publication describes there being “thousands of whipped-up supporters” at the Iowa rally. Among those Trump supporters was a Vietnamese immigrant from California named T. Trump. T. Trump and his party reportedly changed their last name to Trump out of respect for the former president.

“When you have a king that really works hard … the people take over his name,” T. Trump, 55, told the newspaper. “Wherever Trump goes, we came here for freedom. We don’t want to lose this country. You were born free, you want to live free, you want to die free.”

Dave Lage, another supporter at the Iowa rally, was identified as an evangelist. Lage reportedly believes Trump will win the 2024 presidential election. He said he believes, “Trump’s for the country. He’s for America. He’s for Jesus.”

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On Twitter, user Ron Filipkowski shared several news video clips of the rally, apparently from conservative media outlets, on Twitter.

Among those Filipkowski shared was one of a woman who said:

“It’s just heartbreaking what’s going on in our country right now. When we were in Obama, as Christians, we been [sic] persecuted a lot. Then when President Trump came, then all our rights are back, you know — we have freedom of religion and everything. We’re free. President Trump is the most pro-Christian, most pro-Israel, most pro-life, you know, all that. And all his policies are amazing. He really taught us how to become patriot[s] and to love this country.”

The unidentified woman went on to say that “we are, like, being strangled” and “our freedom is being stolen from us” due to “communism” and “all the mandates.”

Another woman, speaking with a different news outlet, said her entire family had “turned liberal” and been “brainwashed” into believing Trump was “the most horrible man ever, when he’s saving everyone.”

The woman said she was not an American citizen but came to the United States as a young child from England.

“Everything depends on this. America depends on this,” she said, visibly emotional. “We have got to save… We’ve got to do everything we can. … We’ve got to save it. We’ve just got to.”

While being consoled by the man interviewing her, the woman said, “We’ve got to have faith in God and pray and do everything we can. Everything.”

She also revealed that she had absolute faith in Trump to “save the world.”

“I have complete faith that this man is gonna save us,” she said at another point. “He’s gonna…he’s basically [gonna be] saving the world, not just us. Everyone, everyone.”

Finally, a man named Rich Thomas, told one reporter that he was there at the rally to give legal documents to Trump. Thomas read part of a letter addressed to Trump, stating: “Our king, Jesus Christ, has spoken to put you back in your office at the White House…”

Trump’s supporters, many of whom identify as Evangelical Christians, are known for speaking about the impeached former president in grandiose and religious terms. Recently, a billboard in Georgia raised eyebrows for comparing Trump to Jesus Christ. After sparking intense criticism, the billboard was eventually removed.

A billboard with President Donald Trump’s image next to a Bible quote was put up in northwest Georgia. It was later removed.
A billboard with President Donald Trump’s image next to a Bible quote was put up in northwest Georgia. It was later removed. (Photo: Twitter/@Eugene_Scott)



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