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Grammy-Winning Gospel Artist Tye Tribbett Stirs Controversy With ‘Church Is Wack’ Remarks on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Tye Tribbett, award-winning gospel singer and pastor, is making headlines after a candid interview on the nationally syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club.” During the discussion, Tribbett declared that “the institution of the church is wack.”

“It’s a system. Everything is a system, and systems work with or without God,” Tribbett said. “So I think the institution of church is wack. I think how church is ran [sic] is wack. I think the religious system and structure is wack. I don’t subscribe to it.”

Tribbett admitted that he has “benefited” from the church but insisted, “I learned that God is not the church.”

He went on to say that once he learned that “God isn’t church,” that was a “huge” realization for him.

Tribbett, known for his energetic praise and worship anthems, elaborated on his frustration with how some churches prioritize structure and tradition over genuine connection with God and community.

“The Church should be about the people, but the Church makes the people about the Church,” Tribbett said. “So all churches now are a movement, but they’re not about serving and loving the people.”


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This is not the first time that Tribbett, who pastors Live Church in Orlando, Florida, with his wife Shanté, has spoken critically about the need for change within the church. A son of a pastor himself, Tribbett is familiar with the pressures placed on clergy and congregants alike. He’s previously addressed feeling pressured to live a perfect life as a pastor’s kid and even experiencing depression.

Whether or not people agree with Tribbett’s phrasing, the Grammy Award-winning recording artist’s message is a call for reevaluation. Is the church fulfilling its purpose of offering love, support, and spiritual growth, or has it become bogged down by bureaucracy and self-preservation?

Watch Tribbett’s interview on “The Breakfast Club” on YouTube.

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