Unseen: A Poem

This poem speaks about the pressures that social media places on us, particularly to pressure to be validated by how many fans or followers we have. I want to encourage people in this poem, to not be discouraged by their lack of fame or appreciation from others, but to instead listen to the voice of God, which will show them how valuable they are.

Being seen is such a craving, that it hurts not being fed,

To be unnoticed or unknown is devastating beyond dread,

Our brand has come to define us, bringing both joy and pain,

Lonely days and sleepless nights of screens and photos for little gain,

Being unseen makes us a stranger in a foreign land,

Because we are taught that existence must be valued through the fans,

Yet I hear a voice that tells me that I’m loved beyond condition,

That I’m seen and known in deeper ways beyond the emptiness of position,

Through silence I hear clearly that voice of comfort and peace,

The battles and wars of “likes” and “follows” will now come cease,

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    Written by Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes is a contributor for Faithfully Magazine. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter and is actively engaged in urban ministry and community engagement.

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