What Is Systemic Racism?–Pastor Tony Evans Breaks Down Its Meaning

what is systemic racism tony evans

Tony Evans has published a video in which the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church pastor explains systemic racism, defining how racial prejudice is embedded in American institutions.

As some Christians are newly entering discussions about race and racism in America, many are looking for resources to help them understand certain concepts and phrases.

“One of the questions I have been asked over the past month is, ‘What is systemic racism,'” Evans stated on Twitter. “I took some time to share my thoughts on what it is, where it came from, why it is and how a greater awareness can produce much-needed empathy in the body of Christ.”

Published on June 18, the day before Juneteenth observance, the six-minute video titled “What is Systemic Racism?” shows Evans at his church campus explaining the term.

The video was made available on YouTube.

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