Reconcile’s ‘Woke’ Music Video Has a Timely Message for America

Reconcile Woke Music Video
Reconcile in "Woke" Music Video (Photo: YouTube)

Miami rapper Reconcile has released a self-directed music video for his new single called “Woke.” Featuring Reach Records artist Lecrae, the song is from Reconcile’s upcoming mixtape Streets Don’t Love You to be released August 18.

A conversation between Reconcile and Lecrae on what it means to be “woke” inspired the song. Its release is fitting in the wake of events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the barrage of Internet dialogue about being “woke.”

Reconcile seeks to awaken his listeners through the single while also be transparent about his need for accountability in the face of injustice.

Reconcile Pictured in 'Woke' Music Video

“One life to live, use it,” Reconcile raps on the song. 

“You have the power to invoke change in the narrative of our country,” he explained in a press release. “For the power of a young African-American man, you have the power to change the stereotype.”

It seems from the song and music video that Reconcile is concerned about being “woke,” not only to the issues being shared on social media but also in our communities.

Lecrae opens the song with a rap comparable to spoken word and samples a beat for “Co-Sign Pt 2,” the opening track for his 2013 album Church Clothes, Vol.2.

“Woke” is gritty and embodies the sound of Miami trap. If the single is any indicator of the sound and lyrical content of the upcoming Streets Don’t Love You mixtape, Reconcile may have a hot one in the bag for listeners.

Watch Reconcile’s new music video.

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    Written by Adam Hubert

    Adam Hubert is a recent graduate of Berry College in Georgia, and currently a part of the Greensboro Fellows Program. Adam doesn't have the skills to be a rapper, so he writes about them. Adam's work has been published on and The Odyssey Online. Find him on Twitter @_aHuby.

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