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‘He Was Sent to Us’ — Christian Quotes From the ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Rally at Miami Megachurch

President Trump was the cause célèbre at King Jesus International megachurch in Miami, Florida, on January 3. He drew a large number of Christians who were mostly supportive of his administration, although there were a handful of critical observers in attendance at the “Evangelicals for Trump” rally.

As The Guardian reported:

They came to pray with their president, though in truth many came just to worship him. Donald Trump’s Friday launch of his so-called “coalition of evangelicals”, an attempt to shore up the support of the religious right ahead of November’s election, had the feel of any other campaign rally, except this time with gospel music.

An estimated 7,000 “supporters of faith” packed the King Jesus international ministry megachurch in Miami to hear the word of the president, and decided that it was good. The Maga hat-wearing faithful cheered Trump’s comments on issues calculated to resonate with his churchgoing audience, including abortion, freedoms of speech and religion, and what he claimed was a “crusade” from Democrats against religious tolerance.

“My administration will never stop fighting for Americans of faith,” Trump said at the conclusion of an often freewheeling 75-minute speech. “We will restore the faith as the true foundation of American life.”

How did Trump’s remarks go over at this largely-Hispanic church led by Pastor Guillermo Maldonado? Read this round-up of quotes from those who attended the Trump rally at King Jesus International megachurch to find out.

8 Christian Quotes on Trump at Miami Church Rally

1. Trump Says it Like it Is

“He might be a little rough around the edges for some people, but he says it like it is, and if some of the things he says or the actions he takes upset some people it doesn’t make him less of a man of God.” – Michael David Layne, a 62-year-old US army veteran who regularly attends the King Jesus church (Source)

2. Trump Is a Man of God

“I believe he has moral character and that he is a man of God. I also believe that he believes people have to pick up the banner and do what’s right. If you don’t pick up the banner then are you really Christian? It sickens me the people that say they’re Christian, and they’re praying for people, but they’re stabbing them in the back. It’s a shame. We need a revival in this country and get back to common sense, moral values. We’ve gone way off the deep end.” – Steven Johnson, 65, from New Jersey (Source)

3. Trump Speaks for Us

“I really believe he was sent to us. From one to ten, he’s a ten. He lives in a Christian world and we needed a strong Christian, somebody who is not afraid. He speaks for us, has the guts and courage to speak what we want to say. His actions, his intentions, are Christian.” – Rose Ann Farrell, 74, from Florida (Source)

Watch: Evangelical Christian Leaders Pray for Trump

4. Trump is About Money and Himself

“He’s everything a Christian shouldn’t be. He’s about money and himself, he uses God’s word to his benefit, he doesn’t respect Christian holidays, he insults everyone. And he dishonors his wife, his daughter and all women. These people waiting in line for five hours, listening to wonderful Christian music, once they get to that sacred auditorium they hear Trump insult other people … It’s a holy place but Trump does not respect that.” – Francisco Morales, 47, from Florida (Source)

5. Trump Is Honest

“He’s talking from his heart. I can’t remember when we had a president who was honest like he is. Like everyone else, he’s a sinner saved by grace. A lot of people say stuff that they don’t do. He’s doing it.” – Michelle Hoff (Source)

6. Trump Is Not Perfect

“Billy Graham is probably rolling in his grave about that Christianity Today editorial. Like Billy Graham said, and his son, that none of us are perfect and Trump is not perfect but he’s not a religious leader, he’s a political leader.

7. Trump’s Affairs Are His Problem

“He’s been divorced and he’s had affairs and whatever. That’s his problem, not mine. I’m concerned with the economy and people having jobs and 401(k)s.” – Peg James, 70, from Florida (Source)

8. God Is Working In Trump’s Life

“You know, we’re not perfect people. Christians are not perfect, but we are working to let God change us from the inside out. And I think he’s trying to do that. The Donald Trump that I saw today was a very relaxed, much less cantankerous man than I’ve known him to be in the past. And I see God working in his life.” – Tammy Juanita Scott Wise (Source)

Watch Trump’s Remarks at the ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Rally At King Jesus International Church

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