Gospel Artist Jackie Hill Perry Warns Women About Tempting Her Husband

Preston and Jackie Hill Perry
Preston and Jackie Hill Perry. (Photo: YouTube/P4CM grab)

Less than 24 hours after the popular Christian Poets in Autumn Tour started, Jackie Hill Perry made an Instagram post that called attention to women who have tried to tempt her husband, a spoken-word artist, at the end of events. She also gave a word of advice to women who may see her mate at future events and feel the urge to “do the most” walking after the ways of the devil.

Hill Perry, in her late 20s, is a spoken-word and hip-hop artist signed to Humble Beast records. She is also an in-demand conference speaker with her first book, Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been, being released in September. She and her husband, Preston Perry, have been married for four years, and the couple has had to deal with women disrespecting him, her, their family, and God’s holy matrimony the whole time they have been together, according to the August 5 Instagram post.

Sunday Morning PSA: As long as me and Preston have been married, we’ve had to deal with the occasional disrespect from women who, with no regard for him being a married man, will do inappropriate things towards him (and most of this has happened right after events we’ve had together btw). The crazy thing is, some of these women follow both of us. So with that said, if you see my husband after a show, and feel it in your spirit to do the most, that ain’t the spirit of God. It’s the devil. And do you know what Jesus said is better than tempting someone? He said putting a millstone around your neck and getting into the sea would be a better option. Or to be said plainly, drowning yourself would be better than tempting another. Sooo, feel free to screenshot this and show it to your roommates on your way to church. Sincerely, Jackie IGotTimeToday Hill Perry #piatour 👀 | Luke 17:2 • Hebrews 13:4

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While the Perrys are not touring together this year, they have performed together in the past, and Hill Perry has noticed that although women know they are married, some of them still come on to her husband. Hill Perry made the controversial post after the Poets in Autumn Tour stop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She revealed that “some of these women follow both of us” on multiple social media platforms, and reminded women that marriage is to be honored by referencing Hebrews 13:4. Perry, meanwhile, confirmed in the comments on his wife’s post that he has previously admitted to a friend that he confesses everything to her “so the enemy won’t have room to step.”

Numerous followers offered prayers, and thanked Hill Perry for addressing such an unfortunate practice among self-professed Christians with scriptural boldness. Few followers felt Hill Perry declaring that “drowning [self] would be better than tempting another” was a rather strong message from someone they believed to be mature in Christ. Yet, many men and women following both Mr. and Mrs. Perry on social media felt this topic was worth delving into more.

Infidelity among married persons was previously thought to be a myth, according to a Washington Post article, but research has found that marital affairs are quite common. A website created to help people cheat on their spouses, called Ashley Madison, has a tagline that declares: “Life is short. Have an affair.” It has been “estimated [that the] number of users of Ashley Madison is thirty-seven million,” according to NPR. The New York Daily News has also found that a big portion of Ashley Madison users describe themselves as prayerful Christians. With statistics like those, and the numerous comments from Hill Perry’s social media followers, it is evident that this issue is something that needs to be addressed more openly in church communities. Hill Perry’s post may be the pioneering piece to get the ball rolling for discussing such topics.

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